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  • Zach C. Cohen 10:08 pm on June 19, 2013 Permalink
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    Balancing vacation and internships 

    It’s always an odd balance to strike: As a student, I’ve always valued summer as time to relax and not worry about homework or other academic responsibilities.

    But for the past two summers, I have not done that. I have worked, often fulltime, in order to get more work or internship experience under my belt. Evenings were my only time to do anything but work. And even then, sometimes my internship flooded over into home. I even had a summer class last year in the evenings, and readings for that often took up any time I would have had to read for fun.

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  • Zach C. Cohen 12:32 am on July 3, 2012 Permalink
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    Why Interns Blog 

    Last week was the launch of the USA TODAY Interns brand. Complete with Tumblr (or is it “tumblr”?) and  Twitter accounts, this new initiative was actually started by a fellow AU intern, Chris Jasinski.

    So, in essence I’ve had to jump headlong into the Tumbling and Instagramming universe. I’ll be posting there and here regular updates on my internship.

    It’s a pretty cool project, actually. Not everybody takes the time to update others about their responsibilities as an intern. I suppose it’s fair to want avoid sounding arrogant. But let’s be honest, interns get to do some pretty amazing things. This week in the intern Tumblr, one USA TODAY intern talked about her experience reporting at the White House. That’s not bragging; it’s sharing your excitement for your work and showing your passion for what you’re doing.

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    • Jennifer Carignan 7:09 pm on July 11, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Zach, I love the idea of the Tumblr and Twitter accounts! One of the most challenging but important parts of the Career Center’s work is to find ways for interns to share their experiences with each other, as opposed to only hearing about student experiences from advisors. It looks like these tools are really productive ways to do this. I look forward to reading more!

      • Zach C. Cohen 5:02 am on July 12, 2012 Permalink

        Like USA TODAY has recognized, we can create all the content we want, and it’ll be great. But in today’s day and age, it’s crucial to go to the consumer, not the other way around. Tumblr and Twitter are only the start of that process.

  • Marie 6:32 pm on June 13, 2012 Permalink
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    I’d imagine that that is a duck’s way of saying, “Greetings!”

    Hello, everyone! My name is Marie and I will be a 2nd year student at American in the Fall. For now, I’m a summer intern at DUCK in Phoenix, Arizona, which makes the greeting ever so relevant. DUCK is an acronym that stands for Downtown Urban Community Kids. We work in a specific community in Phoenix, offering the children a summer program in the park and recreation center. We plan out days of fun and academic enhancement so the kids aren’t sitting at home bored, nor are they losing any knowledge they’ve gained from school in the last year. In some cases, the kids have not been in school, so this is definitely an enriching program for them.

    So far, it has been a great two weeks. I met with other staff members and participated in a food drive as well as a rummage sale. One piece of advice I’d like to give anyone who plans to work in this field is to get to know your colleagues through events like these. I don’t mean in a creepy, know everything about them kind of way. I mean, get to know how they function in the work environment, their work ethic, and how they interact with the kids. Many times, if they’ve worked there for a while, it is beneficial to you to see how they act so you can adjust appropriately when it comes time to meet the kids. Also, it assimilates you into the work environment much better and you can gauge how you feel working there.

    In terms of planning the program, one thing I learned is that you can never plan too much. I work with the junior high and high school aged kids at DUCK and sometimes events or activities run too long or too short. Perhaps a staff member forgot equipment or communication was a little disorganized. Making alternative plans or having back up plans ready at your disposal can make the program run smoother and decrease any stress in the workplace.

    Also, when given the opportunity to throw a plate of whipped cream in their coordinators’ faces… they will take it.

    Until next time, I will leave you with a song we’ve been hearing a lot of at DUCK as the kids play pool and ping pong…

    Please, you have to admit it’s catchy.

    Walking on Sunshine/Halo – Glee Cast

  • Emily Fleitz 3:48 pm on March 6, 2012 Permalink
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    Where are you volunteering this summer? 

    Spring Break is upon us, meaning its time to start planning for the summer.  Summers in college should be spent relaxing while simultaneously building your resume.  This could mean grabbing your dream internship at the Capitol leading tours, or it could mean traveling to an exotic location to gain some experiential learning.

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    • Francine Blume 5:36 pm on March 7, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      What will you be doing in Malaysia? And what exactly are you doing with Machik!? I know you love your internship and I’d love to hear what it is that you’re doing for them!

  • Quinn Smeaton 3:34 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink
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    Lessons from my Summer Internship with FPA U 

    Last Thursday I finished up my summer internship with FPA U. Over the course of the summer, I learned a lot, from working in an office environment to learning about career development in the field of international affairs. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers, which I was fortunate to do since the FPA office has about 20 employees.

    While I could make a long list of all the things I’ve learned, below are some of the most valuable lessons: (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:13 am on August 11, 2011 Permalink
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    Conversation Still Counts 


    “Hi this is____, calling from______. Is this Quinn Smeaton?”

    Prior to this phone conversation, I had never contacted someone outside of the office on my landline phone. Even though I had set up a voicemail, the only calls I received were from the FPA U Program Manager. Since I primarily use email, I never considered how I should answer the phone at the office. When I noticed that someone other than my supervisor was calling me, I panicked. What do I say when I pick up the phone?
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  • Rachel Frank 12:31 am on August 10, 2011 Permalink
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    Thats all Folks. 

    As the title of this post suggests my time as a summer intern at Women for Women is over. I packed up my Fiji picture, all the goodies my boss gave me and headed on my way, and might I say I headed into a pretty intense 10 minute rain storm. Holding my bag of now wet swag I headed out into the post-internship world. I have one day of work left this entire summer and then in 2 short weeks I head off on my newest adventure, Prague! This summer has been an adventure of it’s own kind for me and I definitely learned a whole lot. I ended my last post with an exclamation of what I know I don’t want so let’s pick up there.

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  • Rachel Frank 6:34 pm on August 7, 2011 Permalink
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    Summer of Adulthood 

    Big news to start this post. I passed statistics! Towards the end of the class I realized that it was going to be a fight to the finish and I doubted my ability to pull it off. I was meeting my tutor twice a week and trying my absolute hardest and didn’t think it would be enough. But in the end I managed to get the grade I needed and now I never have to take a math class again! (at least this is what I hope). Anyways! To get to the title of this post I think that this summer was a little taste of adulthood for me. How might you ask? Let’s talk about it.

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  • Kyle Morford 2:46 pm on August 1, 2011 Permalink
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    The End of Week 10 and The End of My Internship 

    The time has come that I am done this week with my internship with Youth Advocate Program International. It has been a summer spent indoors on a computer researching and digging up information. I am fairly happy with my progress and what I have accomplished. Looking over the past 10 weeks, I see a trail of research that covers the scope of the IPCR program including peace practitioners, child soldier experts, youth violence and drug experts.

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  • Allison Godfrey 9:50 pm on July 31, 2011 Permalink
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    When Funds are Cut 

    Money has been a pretty big issue for me this summer (well, money is always an issue I suppose). Not only has it been an issue personally, but at my two internships as well. The National Building Museum’s funding was cut and thus we have implemented an admission fee to our exhibits. The House of the Temple is trying to get through a renovation and rebuilding plan necessary to keep the structure standing, but the construction costs are very expensive and the development office has been working like mad to keep things going. Working two relatively low paying jobs this summer- I’ve had money but it still has been stressful. Not to mention there were huge cuts made to my financial aid package because of the situation of the government and this almost kept me from finishing my degree at American come fall. Money money money.

    Because money has been so stressful, I have realized a few things that you can do to lift your head up out the scary hole of debt and finance worries.

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