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  • Emily Roseman 5:47 pm on November 27, 2011 Permalink
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    Internship’s over….now what? 

    After applying to over 7 jobs now (a personal success after I promised myself I would take my thanksgiving break to apply hard!) I think there are a lot of things that students really do not know or understand when applying, that I have already encountered after countless applications on job sites.

    First I would say the biggest misconception or rather, confusion is pay. Students in their senior see free anything as the biggest gold mine in their life, and have been used to working for free for a while, so working for pay comes as a grand surprise once entering the work force full time. When clicking or agreeing to a pay rate with a company, students find themselves at odds most the time…what is a good pay grade? Am I selling myself short? What should an entry-level person such as myself be earning? These questions can seem really daunting especially since it is our first real job and money is certainly tight. Any money at all is a dramatic shift and changes the pizza delivery/Chinese take out lifestyle we live by.

    I’ve found by asking professors in my major,  the AU career center, as well as some friends and older alumni that are lucky enough to be working right now for some helpful advice with this important one. It’s good to get this out of the way, because applications will and are ready to ask how much you are worth to them! (A little scary right?)

    Second is the scary idea of location, location, location. Applications throw out that question, “Would you be willing to move or change locations for this job?” UMMM beg your pardon? Since when did this become a committed relationship? I thought we were testing the waters with this? Seriously considering how far you will go for a job is something that again can and will come up, if not in your application, then in your interview or with significant others and family! Solution: be very open to the idea of a wide variety of locales for your dream job, because your career may not just be where you went to college, it could be thousands of miles across the country in the opposite direction.

    Finally, pay attention to details when searching and scouring those job postings sites. Administrative assistant is probably the most vague title for a secretary known to man. Do not just apply blindly; go in with an open mind, but not with a rampant computer mouse. You might regret that decision a little later! Try to research the company you are applying for and learn a little more before the make that big investment and always email for ask for information to follow up on if there is a position you are truly passionate about. This could not only put you ahead of the pack, but will show you are a great candidate and eager for the job.

    • Julia Beyer 10:34 pm on November 28, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great advice! Tools like salary.com and glassdoor.com can also help answer some questions about salary. It is also good to know what your priorities are financially and geographically so that you can make an educated decision.

  • Allison Godfrey 9:50 pm on July 31, 2011 Permalink
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    When Funds are Cut 

    Money has been a pretty big issue for me this summer (well, money is always an issue I suppose). Not only has it been an issue personally, but at my two internships as well. The National Building Museum’s funding was cut and thus we have implemented an admission fee to our exhibits. The House of the Temple is trying to get through a renovation and rebuilding plan necessary to keep the structure standing, but the construction costs are very expensive and the development office has been working like mad to keep things going. Working two relatively low paying jobs this summer- I’ve had money but it still has been stressful. Not to mention there were huge cuts made to my financial aid package because of the situation of the government and this almost kept me from finishing my degree at American come fall. Money money money.

    Because money has been so stressful, I have realized a few things that you can do to lift your head up out the scary hole of debt and finance worries.

    (More …)

  • Lauren Gentile 9:54 pm on April 4, 2011 Permalink
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    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask 

    We all take on internships for a variety of reasons—to add to our resumes, make connections in our fields of interest, and to gain invaluable work experience. But one of the main reasons we seek out internships and dedicate long hours during our busy semesters to internships, especially as juniors and seniors is in hopes to land a job after we graduate. (More …)

    • miranda78 1:48 pm on April 6, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I agree with your advice– the worst outcome is always hearing that one word “no.” I think your summer experience is going to be great.

  • Lauren Gentile 12:43 am on January 27, 2011 Permalink
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    In the city of networking, it all starts with a connection… 

    The first thing you will learn about working in D.C. is that connections and networking make all the difference. That’s how I landed my first internship at the Washington Post as a freshman, and that’s how I came across my current fellowship at The Hatcher Group. (More …)

    • miranda78 2:46 pm on February 2, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Wow, your internship is great, and it sounds like you really knew how to market yourself and use your connections to land this great opportunity. Also, I think it is great you have found an opportunity to practice your knowledge and skills in both of your majors. I am always looking for opportunities/ internships that meld my two academic interests. Can’t wait to hear about how your internship goes!

    • Francine Blume 7:59 pm on February 14, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This is a great example of the benefits of hearing speakers on campus (even if you think you wouldn’t be interested in their line of work) and the benefits of informational interviewing. It isn’t just about getting job leads, it’s about learning more about the field! Well done!

  • Geoff Silverstein 5:26 pm on December 10, 2010 Permalink
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    Looking Good 

    Use winter break to gear up for your spring internship. Follow a few quick tips from Career Advisor, Jenn Carignan, to help you on your way.

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