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  • Tala Odeh 4:03 pm on April 8, 2014 Permalink
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    A Day In The Life of a DBC PR+New Media Intern 

    Working at DBC PR means a lot of hard work, everyday of the week. Interns usually begin by creating daily news clips that we send out to the teams. The news clips cover the PR industry and the main headlines of competitor news and updates. It helps keep everyone in the loop with what the rival brands are doing and ensure the client is aware of it too. Mornings are usually slower in that we are glued to our screens researching or creating media lists.

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    GF Showcased Work 

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve worked to redesign several documents (toolkits) with the new GF marketing pack and also have had to translate some documents into Spanish to market our 2014 Fellowship to Spanish-speaking candidates. I’ve attached a few snapshots of this work—you can see them below.


    Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 4.18.31 PM






    AFTERScreen shot 2014-03-07 at 4.17.23 PM

    Also, I help the interns in their professional development by sending out weekly updates chock full of TEDxTalks, Forbes articles, and Brookings events. Here is one of my all time favorite TEDxTalks for you to check out!


    Also this week, in honor of International Women’s Day I am participating in a company wide challenge to feed myself on only $2.50 a day. I created a fundraising page and encouraged friends and family to sponsor my challenge. In the end, I was able to raise over $200!! All of this money goes to support Grameen Foundation and in turn, empowers women to lift themselves out of poverty. Check out the links below to see a short video about our work with women and see my fundraising page. It’s an interesting challenge and I’m especially proud because I really wasn’t expecting to raise much money.

    2 min video: https://vimeo.com/87914513

    My profile: http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=302265

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    Introducing New Spring Blogger: Sofia Baneth 

    My name is Sofia Baneth and I am one of the new spring bloggers for the AU Career Center. I am a freshman from Raleigh, NC currently interning at Machik, a non-profit in DuPont (description and link provided below).

    I am currently a Public Health major and Spanish minor, but I am also considering a major in CLEG (Communications, Law, Economics, and Government) and double minoring in public health and Spanish. I hope to one day intern (or work!) for the NIH, USDA, or on the Hill (do I sound like a typical AU student yet?!).

    But that’s enough about me – let me tell you a bit more about Machik.

    Machik is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen communities in Tibet. Cofounders and sisters, Losang and Tashi Rabgey established the organization after visiting their family in Tibet back in the 1980’s. Machik began when the Chungba Primary School was first built in Kham, the Southeastern region of Tibet.

    Despite its rural setting, the school has been sustained through Machik’s efforts and has successfully taught the children of Chungba. Machik provides the students a bilingual education of Chinese and Tibetan, which has been vital in their development as individuals and the community as a whole.

    Likewise, Machik coordinates a “Summer Enrichment Program,” which organizes volunteers from around the world to not only help them foster a sustainable Tibetan community, but also increases awareness of the issue and what can be done.

    Machik does so much more, but I will leave it at that for now.

    Until next time!

    P.S. Check out my bio on the Machik website.

    Or visit Machik’s homepage.

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    At GF: A Day in the Life 

     My day starts when I enter the third floor office and drop my stuff off at the “intern bar” that I share with a couple other interns working with Bankers without Borders and the financial departments. I make my way to the open-space kitchen to grab some tea or coffee and pass by the open cubicles where members of the various teams are situated. The culture at Grameen is very friendly and flexible—because there are offices all over the world, people are in and out on business and sometimes plugged into their computer skyping with clients or remote teams.  Working remotely is easy (which is great for snow days or other conflicts that come up); my boss actually works remotely from London.

    (More …)

  • Zach C. Cohen 11:40 pm on August 4, 2013 Permalink
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    Why I intern abroad 

    I’ve been asked a lot recently — by friends in the U.S., by American friends in Costa Rica, by Costa Rican friends in Costa Rica — why I’m continuing my internship at PBS MediaShift while studying abroad at la Universidad Nacional.

    It’s a two-pronged answer, one answer more honorable than the other.

    (More …)

  • Zach C. Cohen 3:52 pm on June 13, 2013 Permalink
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    Don’t be afraid to ask 

    Interning can be expensive. Living, eating, transportation. It makes it hard for people of limited resources to have the opportunity to intern. That’s why a federal judge on June 11 ruled, with potential implications for the intern market, that, in one case, interns should have been paid for doing work.

    I’m lucky to be supported financially during my internships. But transportation, especially to conferences, turned out to be the most expensive part for me. (More …)

  • Zach C. Cohen 5:27 pm on May 28, 2013 Permalink
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    Podcasting from a grocery store 

    As I take on more responsibilities at PBS MediaShift, I’ve had to improvise a bit. For an internship about the digital revolution of media, the irony that the digital media revolted is inescapable.

    For example, I was on vacation when I needed to join the “Mediatwits” podcast. Mark Glaser, my editor, had me sharing screenshots of the stories and websites the team was talking about.

    I would have also contributed to the conversation myself, but I ran into some technical issues.

    (More …)

  • Zach C. Cohen 2:05 pm on May 24, 2013 Permalink
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    Reporting on my home state 

    So I went to school in D.C. and got an internship at a national news outlet, PBS MediaShift.

    And I ended up covering the state of media in my home state.


    (More …)

  • Eleanor 2:03 am on April 17, 2013 Permalink
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    Environmental Impact of Interning 

    Ok, I know I just posted. I just became a little aware that I can get compensated for 10 blogs,  but not fewer than 10… I doubt I’ll write 5 more blogs in the next week, but you never know.

    At the internship on Monday, I did a lot of filing. I made new files, took old ones out of the cabinet, and generally did a lot of organizing. It made me think a lot about paper and the environment. Some thoughts about the environmental impact of my day.

    8:20-9– Got on the bus. Feeling good about that impact, wishing there were more buses and fewer cars, as usual, because it takes forever to get down to M Street from AU, which it really shouldn’t. Also, less cars is good for the Earth.

    9-12– Filed so many papers. I must have taken 200 outdated files out of the cabinet, and asked my boss if I could reuse them to make some of the new folders. She said no, because it’s policy to keep those correspondences for a certain amount of time. Which I get. Nobody has time to scan that stuff, but all I could think of was taken paper in paper folders out of a wooden file cabinet, and into cardboard boxes. As my Green Eagle friend would say, “oof.” It was a lot of tree products, which is just going to be shut away an not looked at. Hopefully when it can be disposed of in 5-10 years (I don’t know) it will be recycled.

    12-1– Lunch break. I ate my seitan and rice out of the reusable container I brought, and drank water from a glass and used a plastic fork (which I’ve used before and I’ll wash and use again). That’s not too shabby for the environment. I spent some time on the computer checking email and reading the news. Also good. I also read the Post this morning in paper form, but I missed a lot of stuff, because I only read it for like 5 minutes while I made toast.

    1-3– Back to filing, and some computer work. I printed about 20 pages (oof again) and felt SO bad taking all 250 folders from the supply room. I mean, that’s what it’s there for, that’s not what I felt bad about. Many Congressmen/women will not ever correspond with IMLS. I hope when they leave office and another intern cleans out the file cabinet in 10 years, they can reuse the ones that were empty. The empty ones I took out (only about 15) I reused. Reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s the proper order too. Reduce is definitely most important.

    3-3:40–N2 is my favorite route, it drops me right at the corner of New Mexico and Nebraska Avenues. Wonderful, right on campus. Listened to music.

    3:45– Got an iced chai from the Dav. I did not need to do that, and I felt bad, even though the service was good and the drink was tasty. I try to avoid getting iced drinks because I can’t use a reusable mug. Sadness. But the Dav is good about using recycled goods, and I recycled my cup.

    And my life went on, non-internship related. I still think about it though, a lot… the environment is so important, and if I knew more about it, I’d go into the carbon footprint of my day. I guess I’m asking you, reader, if you exist, to think about the environment too.


  • Eleanor 2:01 am on April 16, 2013 Permalink
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    Better Know a District 

    Ever watched Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District Segment”? Story of my life. Today, I had to clean out a file cabinet which was supposed to have 100 files (1 for each Senator) and 435 files (1 for each Representative in Congress). Let me assure you, it had a few hundred more than that, many severely outdated. I ended up having to make about 240 new folders.

    A little Colbert for y’all: http://www.colbertnation.com/better-know-a-district

    The file cabinet did have some bulging files from people who spent years of supporting the agency I work for  (The Institute for Museum and Library Services) and for having a lot of interactions with the office (every single correspondence is kept FOREVER… well, not actually forever) but a long time. My favorite files to see (and take out of the cabinet) were Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (stopped being a Senator in 2009), Representative Rahm Emmanuel (stopped being a rep in 2009), Edward “Ted” Kennedy (died in 2009 — what a big year!), and Representative Anthony Weiner (left office in 2011 because of that sexting scandal).

    A lot of the Reps and Senators were not on my radar at all, but reading their names, I definitely “better knew” a LOT of districts. I learned Alaska, North and South Dakotas, Wyoming and Vermont only have 1 each– a Representative at large.

    Ok, so this might not be a super clear lesson from my internship or anything, but this isn’t an episode of Modern Family (I know, you’re thinking “it’s not??”). I learn a lot from paying attention. I could have been daydreaming all day, but instead, I got to know my country’s government a lot better.

    Do you know who represents you? My Senators are William “Mo” Cowan (I found out it’s pronounced like cow(the animal)-ann (the name) when I spoke to someone at his office last week), Elizabeth Warren (I love her so much), and my Rep is Jim McGovern.

    Better know your district, and pay attention. You never know what may be important.

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