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  • Divya 9:48 pm on November 7, 2011 Permalink
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    Hit the ground running 

    I landed the internship.. now what?

    My first day at Legacy was a total blur. The HR department led the interns in a short orientation program, toured us around the building, and then we started our day as official interns. My supervisor and I talked about my goals for the semester and what I expected to get out of the internship. I thought this was a valuable step that all interns should take. It is not only about what the company expects of you, but what you want to happen throughout the course of the semester. In order to integrate quickly, I jumped right into doing real projects! I felt like I dove in and got lost in a sea of media clipping, photo collages, and press releases. Some people might have felt nervous, but I was filled with excitement. The day went by so quickly that I looked up and realized it was 4pm and I only had an hour left. It was such an incredible feeling to leave that day, after only having worked for 8 hours, and feeling like I had accomplished a lot.

    I have now been with the company for a couple months and I leave almost every day feeling this way. I appreciate being with this company because I feel like I have the opportunity to grow and learn every time I walk into the office. I hope that you all will be able to find internships that make you feel this way too!

  • Rachel Frank 1:59 pm on July 21, 2011 Permalink
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    Finding your Fiji 

    Anyone who knows me well knows that my ultimate dream is to vacation (or possibly live) on a deserted beach hut on the shores of Fiji far away from other people and all responsibilities. Don’t ask me where this Fiji obsession came from but for as long as I can remember feeling stressed Fiji has been the light at the end of my tunnel. Right now you are probably wondering what the heck Fiji has to do with interning. Well in my mind, I am always working towards Fiji and what it represents. I’ve even drawn myself a little picture to brighten up my desk and remind me what I’m doing there.

    (More …)

  • Eliza Brashares 2:50 pm on July 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Three weeks left. 

    My summer, sadly, is coming to an end very soon. I have only three more weeks at my internship and then it’ll be time for me to head home for some r&r. As I become more and more aware that my time is dwindling down, I’ve began to take stock of what I have learned and what I still want to accomplish in my time left here. I had a list of goals, some big, some small, that I wanted to accomplish this summer. This is as good a time as any to see where I stand.


    1) Go to a Senate/ House Press Conference. Status: Accomplished

    This goal was a silly one, mostly decided upon after watching one too many episodes of The West Wing. While it was not ground-breaking legislation attended by the ranking members of the Senate, it had everything I think the majority of press conferences had: press, a piece of legislation, and shameless self-promotion.

    2) Get published in a newspaper. Status: Accomplished. 

    While a Letter to the Editor may not be the definition of Pulitzer reporting, it is the most highly read section of the newspaper (fun fact). I’ve gotten several letters to the editor published all across the country. I had never had something published the in paper before, so I count this as a solid victory. Finally, there is something that comes up when you google my name besides twitter and linkedin.

    3) Make a coalition on an issue I care about. Status: Ongoing

    For a field intern, making coalitions is a big part of what I do. Without coalitions, not much would get done with any real force. Coalitions add power to the punch of legislation. The more groups on a letter, the more press it’s more likely to get. This is pretty much the reason to keep us field interns around; to bargain with other groups.

    4) Visit a Senator/ Representative’s Office. Status: Not yet accomplished. 

    Again, a goal derived mostly from The West Wing.

    5) Learn to work independently more efficiently. Status: Ongoing.

    As described in my post last week, during my boss’ absence, Facebook and Sporcle were companions. However, I am ready for lots of tasks this week when my boss is back in the office.

    6) Feel fulfilled at my job. Status: Ongoing

    Due to the oncoming recess for Congress, a lot of my work will see results very shortly. While I feel very secure in the work I’ve done so far, we will soon see how much all that work achieved.


    These are just a few of my goals and I have lots more that I still need to accomplish. But so far, I’m proud of what I’ve done this summer and I can’t wait to see everything that happens in the next three weeks.


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