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  • Claire Wolfe 4:38 pm on February 28, 2012 Permalink
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    Finding My Way Out 

    It wasn’t like it was my first day or anything; I should have known how to get out of the building. But there are so many elevators and I wasn’t thinking, so I absentmindedly took the one closest. I pressed 1 and soon found myself in a corridor that I had never seen before where all of the doors read, “emergency exit”. I began to walk, trying to look as confident and professional as possible, passing busy employees in finely pressed suits. Ahead of me was the security desk and two doorways out. I smiled at the security guard and made my way for the door straight ahead of me. When I pushed the door open, the alarm immediately sounded. In shock, I stood there for a moment, then closed the door and retreated back into the building. The alarm immediately stopped. When I turned around, the guard was pointing to the other set of doors with a grin on his face. I don’t know if my cheeks have ever been redder.

    For a moment, I was so upset and realized that there was no way I could go back after that embarrassment (I’ve been known to be a bit dramatic). Then I began to laugh to myself. I’m sure I wasn’t the first, and I know I won’t be the last to get lost in the Department of Commerce. I’m an intern and so nervous about working there but I realized that I can’t sweat the small stuff.  If getting lost is the worst thing that happens this semester, then i’ll consider myself lucky.  Besides, at least I know which elevator to take now.

  • Emily Fleitz 3:56 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink
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    Happy New Year 

    Today is my first full day at the Solidarity Center.  I arrived a little after 8:30am, a remarkable feat considering a slow shuttle bus and a packed Metro train.  My supervisor Tim, the Regional Program Director for the Asia/Europe office, has given me my first big assignment.  I am supposed to cull information from Solidarity Center publications to put into a report for the MacArthur Foundation grant program.  I am still not completely clear on everything that needs to be done, but Tim tells me I will meet with him and Neha later today to talk about it.

    In the meantime, I have been checking out the MacArthur Foundation website  and catching up with email, which has piled up since I was here on Monday afternoon.  Email is a great thing- the best email I have gotten all day didn’t have any text, just this great subject line: “chicken shu mai and vege dumplings in both kitchens for Chinese New Year.”  After writing this post, I think I’ll head there for a mid-morning snack.  Luckily, it’s right around the corner from my desk; the kitchen is a good place to be familiar with.

    Everyday I learn a little bit more about the office.

    (More …)

    • Jennifer Carignan 7:05 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice post, Emily! Working on grant reports is great experience, and I’m sure you’ll learn a ton.

      Sorry to hear about your stair adventure. I’ve been trapped in my share of stairwells, so I understand the feeling of panic. 🙂

    • jc0424a 7:34 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Gandalf: [pointing to a tunnel] There!
      Merry: He remembered!
      Gandalf: No, but the air doesn’t smell so foul here. If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose.

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