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  • Quinn Smeaton 3:34 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink
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    Lessons from my Summer Internship with FPA U 

    Last Thursday I finished up my summer internship with FPA U. Over the course of the summer, I learned a lot, from working in an office environment to learning about career development in the field of international affairs. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers, which I was fortunate to do since the FPA office has about 20 employees.

    While I could make a long list of all the things I’ve learned, below are some of the most valuable lessons: (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:16 am on August 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Preparing for your First Day 

    Since this is my last week interning with FPA U, the past few days have been quite busy. Not only am I wrapping up various tasks, but I also met with the new intern today to discuss her future responsibilities. While it’s hard to believe that I’ve interned with FPA for almost four months, I’ve realized how accustomed I am to my daily responsibilities as an intern.

    After meeting with the incoming intern, I’ve realized how your first day at work can be intimidating. I think we all wish that we had the opportunity to speak with a former intern or employee to ask initial questions. Despite the fact that most of us don’t have that opportunity, below are some general tips to help ease your nerves and prepare for your first day at work. (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 3:13 am on August 15, 2011 Permalink
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    FPA U’s Expansion to New Cities 

    As I mentioned in my first blog post, before I interned with the Foreign Policy Association University (FPA U) this summer, I served as an FPA U Student Ambassador (SA) on campus. As an SA, I helped promote FPA U’s seminars to the AU community. This past spring, the SA program was helpful since it was the first time that FPA U offered its career development seminars in Washington, D.C. As exciting as expanding to a new city can be, it is a lot of work to establish new connections and promote a new program in an unfamiliar area. Despite this challenge, the FPA U seminars were a great success in D.C.

    Due to the positive response in D.C., the FPA U program is expanding this fall. In addition to NYC and D.C., FPA U seminars will be offered in Boston for the first time. (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:13 am on August 11, 2011 Permalink
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    Conversation Still Counts 


    “Hi this is____, calling from______. Is this Quinn Smeaton?”

    Prior to this phone conversation, I had never contacted someone outside of the office on my landline phone. Even though I had set up a voicemail, the only calls I received were from the FPA U Program Manager. Since I primarily use email, I never considered how I should answer the phone at the office. When I noticed that someone other than my supervisor was calling me, I panicked. What do I say when I pick up the phone?
    (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:46 am on August 4, 2011 Permalink
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    Resume and Cover Letter Advice 

    Since FPA U is a career development seminar program, I’ve researched a variety of job resources and tips throughout the summer. In addition to my research, I’ve also learned more by attending some of the FPA U seminars as well as assisting with the search for a new FPA U intern. Despite the fact that I have mostly focused on advice for people interested in pursuing careers in international affairs, I’ve learned some important tips that can apply to any job search.

    For those who are currently applying for fall internships (or even jobs), below are some useful tips for preparing cover letters and resumes: (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:37 am on July 13, 2011 Permalink
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    A Summer Lesson in Social Media 

    Even though I am 20 years old, I’ll admit that I have been somewhat behind on new technology. Until my freshman year at AU, I did not have texting (I know. Crazy, eh?). Even though I had upgraded my phone to a Blackberry, I didn’t even have Internet to access email or use BBM. When it comes to social media, I am quite behind as well. While I’ve had a Facebook account for several years, I never used Twitter or LinkedIn before my internship.
    (More …)

    • Peter Thomas 7:23 am on July 13, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Quinn,

      Just wanted to say “thank you” for citing my blog as the source of the image you use. Nice to see some ethical behaviour :-).

      Good luck with the internship and Social Media.


  • Quinn Smeaton 4:34 am on July 6, 2011 Permalink
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    FPA 2011 Corporate Dinner 

    Although I intern with the FPA U Department at the Foreign Policy Association, I have also had the opportunity to help out with other departments. When I started in May, the Events Department was finishing up its season with four different events, ranging from lectures to dinners. Initially, I helped out by putting together goodie bags and stuffing invitations into envelopes. While you might think these tasks would be left to the interns, that was not the case. In fact, staff members from all departments helped out with event material preparation. Even though these tasks might have seemed tedious, it was a great way to meet other staff members from the office.

    Last month, FPA held its 2011 Corporate Dinner at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. (More …)

  • Quinn Smeaton 4:47 am on June 20, 2011 Permalink
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    Six Weeks Down 

    After explaining how I got my internship at the Foreign Policy Association in my last blog post, I realized I never introduced myself. I am a rising undergraduate junior majoring in International Studies (with a concentration in International Development) and a minor in education. I am hoping to eventually pursue a career in the educational sector of international development.

    Since FPA U was finishing up its spring programs in early May, I started my internship on May 9. Even though I only had 6 days of vacation before the end of finals and the start of my internship, I was happy to be kept busy. Between last minute promotion and material preparation for our seminars, I always had something to do. Within a week and a half of my internship, I even went on my first business trip to D.C. for our “Landing a Job at the U.N.” seminar.
    (More …)

    • David Fletcher 7:00 pm on June 29, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great to hear all is well in NYC with FPA U. Sorry your summer free time has been abbreviated by the work you are doing, but it will pay off in the long run. Looking forward to learning more details from your experience in the fall.

  • Quinn Smeaton 2:28 am on June 7, 2011 Permalink
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    An Unexpected Opportunity 

    The end of the spring semester is always a stressful time. While you want to enjoy the gorgeous weather you’ve been waiting for all semester, you end up spending endless hours in the library working on group projects, writing papers, or studying for exams. On top of school work, the summer job/internship search is an added stress.

    Although I applied for internship positions in late March, I didn’t start to hear back until late April. While I was fortunate to schedule some interviews, I was worried as the semester was coming to an end that I didn’t have any set summer plans. However, during the last week of classes, I unexpectedly received an email titled “FPA U Internship.”
    (More …)

    • Francine Blume 7:01 pm on June 14, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Congratulations! That must’ve been a nice stress reliever to receive that e-mail. Looking forward to hearing more about the internship!

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