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  • jv9968a 4:50 pm on November 8, 2011 Permalink
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    Halloween Extravaganza 

    Here is the conversation that happened at my internship on Halloween:

    Paul: “It’s weird, we are selling out tonight, but not tomorrow night.”
    Me: “Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but you guys aren’t doing any Halloween specials. I know when I go out tomorrow, I’m going to do something Halloween themed. You guys should encourage people to dress up or give out candy.”
    Paul: “Yeah, yeah! That would be really great! We could give out free tickets to another show to the best costume!”
    Me: “Yeah! Even just a little Halloween flavor would entice people.”
    Paul: “Let me tell John [the owner].”
    (10 minutes later)
    Paul: “John loved your idea, we are promoting costumes starting right now. Too bad you didn’t think of this two weeks ago.”

    While the timing may not have been my best, I love that the people at my internship take my ideas seriously. I am given relevant tasks for PR with no one constantly critiquing me over my shoulder. Since Riot Act is smaller, I seem to matter more. I still do some clerical work, but everyone does. There is no hired office administrator, they can’t afford one. Everyone pitches in for everything. It truly is a team effort.The best part is how much everyone believes in Riot Act, we are all fighting for the same thing, and as an intern this make my job extremely rewarding and exciting.

    Sure, I’m an undergrad student, but they don’t care. A good idea is a good idea.

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    What To Wear When They Don’t Care 

    I started my internship at Riot Act Comedy Theater in late August, and on my first day there, I dressed up. No one had mentioned any dress code, but seeing as this was a professional establishment, I assumed business attire was appropriate

    When I arrived, my boss greeted me in shorts and sandals. As it turns out, during the day, the Comedy Club is fairly casual. They want to be approachable, cool. Riot Act opened in mid-August, they were the new kids on the block. Of course my boss would suit up for meetings and every night for the shows/events, but during the day he was able to take it easy.

    I casually asked what was appropriate for an intern to wear, he replied “Whatever I want.” Suddenly the freedom of my clothing became overwhelming. Do I dress down? Do I wear flip flops? What do my clothes say about my respect for my internship?

    I decided to take this freedom and use it to my advantage. I decided to always dress to impress, but since I did have this ‘wear whatever I want’ allowance, I was going to be creative. I wanted to show Riot Act I took my position seriously, while also expressing my creativity. Since I was held down by the term ‘business casual’ I started arriving at my internship in a bright red dresses, or patterned tights, chunky jewelry, or yellow high heels. To me, my outfits say I’m composed but expressive; I know how to do a lot with a little; and I have confidence in myself.

    Obviously, not all internships are this flexible, but the point is – know how the clothing you wear to an internship reflects upon you. If there is a serious dress code, follow it; if there is some flexibility, use that to express your individuality. It can give you an edge and it can make it memorable. It doesn’t take a lot, accessories are small and can make a huge statement.

    Dress to Impress. It’s fun, it’s free, and you will look fantastic.

    • Francine Blume 6:39 pm on October 27, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This is great! You should post a photo of you all dressed up at your internship site! The kind of contrasts nicely with the other blog post encouraging folks to wear whatever they want to the interview so that they can be themselves. I don’t really endorse dressing creatively at interviews because that usually makes people not take you seriously. But how great that you found an internship where you can dress creatively!

  • ay5895a 4:03 pm on April 7, 2011 Permalink
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    More RFIs and a Resume Workshop! 

    Last week my supervisor and I worked closely together to finalize our most recent RFI (Request for Information).  Wednesday was a busy day as we were constantly receiving new edits from everyone involved, and it was my role to assist my supervisor in implementing the edits correctly and consistently so that we met our deadline.  This RFI was a bit more challenging than the last one since it included 5 separate responses for each digital product.  This week we will most likely be finalizing another RFI that focuses more on professional development and leadership.

    I also had a few informational meetings.  I spoke to the Director of Corporate Relations and the VP of Corporate Communications who both provided me different insights into their roles in Corporate Communications.   I also met with two employees from Discovery Creative, an in-house creative agency that supports all other departments in producing ads, banners and other creative products.

    One of the most informative parts of my week was attending the resume workshop held by the Campus Connect team, where we met with several human resources recruiters who spoke to us about the do’s and don’ts of interviews and resumes and then met with each of us individually to perfect our resumes.

    • miranda78 5:31 pm on April 11, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I would love to hear what new advice on resumes they imparted to you. That’s great you have access to such skill-building workshops and events. Your internship has a lot of perks and it also seems to provide you with a lot of practical experience in the field as well.

      • ay5895a 3:16 pm on April 14, 2011 Permalink

        Hi Miranda,

        Yes, it certainly does offer a lot of great advice! I would recommend that any student looking for a job attend a resume workshop. Even if you have already prepared a great resume, they can offer lots of extra tidbits and advice for interviews!

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