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    4 Tips on Managing Your Time Commitments 

    To give you some background, in addition to my 17 hour internship with the Grameen Foundation I also work at a sports bar and help coordinate a swim school that practices in the AU pool. I am involved as a Brother of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity and a player on the AU Club Volleyball Team and oh yeah, I also go to class!

    How do I manage my time commitments? I have a time turner like Hermione in Harry Potter. Just kidding, but sometimes I wish I did! I’ve had a great deal of practice at time management—so I never feel too overwhelmed. Let me share some of my favorite time management tips:

    1.    Always have a planner/schedule.

    At the beginning of the semester I organize my basic schedule (class, work) accordingly so that I can get hours at each job and avoid conflicts. This semester I have so much going on that I made a schedule on the computer and printed out several copies to fill in each week. Have a hard copy to back you up help—that way you don’t have to rely on your own memory. Use whatever works for you: Google, iCal, or good ole fashion pen and paper.

    2.    Pencil in some fun

    Make sure your schedule includes time to do something you WANT to do. Whether it be catching up on Netflix, going to the gym, cooking, hanging out with friends, playing soccer, whatever you love—make time to enjoy it. Taking a few minutes to release endorphins will make you more productive and happier! Each week I look forward to taking time out to play volleyball, go to the gym, and watch Modern Family or Law & Order!

    3.    Work at work

    As young, energetic college students most of us are very good at multi-tasking. However, sometimes it gets hard to juggle everything at once without letting something fall through the cracks. In order to ensure my internship work is high-quality I’ve had to separate it from my other jobs and school work. This semester, I only work on my internship during the 17 hours I am in the office.  This is the time I check my email and work on my deliverables. Compartmentalizing like this helps prevents stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.

    4.    Enjoy what you do

    Don’t get stuck in an internship where you feel useless, bored, or stressed. Select a job in a field you are interested in or want to learn more about. Take every opportunity to network, meet people, and absorb as much as you can. Take on additional projects that may interest you—you’ll be hard pressed to find an employer that will say “no” when you ask for more work. This will give you experience and keep you busy/entertained. Take advantage of your internship to learn as much as you can—you may decide you love the field or maybe it isn’t for you.

    Hope some of these tips help you manage your lives and increase your productivity and happiness levels J Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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    Balancing Interning with School and Work 

    I have a fair amount on my plate this semester:

    It’s a pretty hectic workload. I constantly have my planner with me and my phone is pretty much always buzzing with new emails or other work- or class-related updates. More often than not I need to prepare in advance if I have a major assignment due or an event to facilitate around the same time as a friend’s birthday or an evening out with friends.

    Still, this type of workload isn’t impossible to maintain on top of getting sleep and having a social life. If you’re busy like me, the keys to success are balance, time management, and knowing when to say “no.” I have my working days scheduled so that I can focus on whatever task I’m doing, or whatever role I’m playing, during the working week. On the flip side, weekends are all mine; I won’t do anything aside from social activities or homework on a weekend. I plan in advance to make sure I’ll start studying ahead of time for that big exam and won’t have to pull an all-nighter to finish that research paper. I’m not afraid to politely, but firmly, say no if I know that it is not at all realistic for my mental health or physical well-being to take on more responsibility, even if it is only for one event or project.

    When balancing so many commitments, it’s key to make sure that there’s also time in my schedule so that I can take care of me. (Never underestimate the energizing effect of a solid night’s sleep!) What also helps is that these are all things I love to do. (Well, aside from taking General Education requirement classes.) I’m fortunate to be doing things that I love, so it isn’t as hard as one would think to balance all these commitments. Although of course there are days when I’d love to hit the snooze button when my alarm goes off in the early hours of the morning!

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      Hi Amanda,
      I really like this blog post. I will feature it in the SOC Spot newsletter. Please let me know if this is not okay with you. -Julia Beyer

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