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  • Tala Odeh 1:20 am on February 27, 2014 Permalink
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    Tala Odeh – DBC PR+New Media 

    My name is Tala Odeh, I am a student at American University and a senior in the School of Communication. I am a Public Communication major with a minor in Marketing. This semester I am interning at DBC PR+New Media – a boutique public relations agency located in the heart of DC’s shopping District”: Georgetown.

    The PR industry is dynamic, fast paced and ever changing. It involves a heavy reliance on technology, social media and interpersonal relations. As practitioners in the industry, it is our job to act as a liaison between the clients we represent and their target audience. The nature of the work itself involves pitching to the media to publicize our product or service, we do this using various forms of above and below the line promotion. This means that we cover traditional and new media such as radio, television, print, direct mail and outdoor advertising to create exposure and publicity for the client.

    Working in PR is always something I knew I wanted to do as I needed a job that would entail a lot of people work. I am naturally very sociable and enjoy fostering relationships withs anyone I work with, this means that when dealing with the media, particularly to secure placements for a client, nurturing a relationship with the journalist or media gatekeeper is essential. Int he future, I hope to land a job that involves health promotion and communication, I would like to target the Middle East as that is where I am from and the concept of healthy living is an untapped market.

    For now, I need the experience at a public relations firm and luckily, I landed an internship via the American University Career Center Job Board. DBC PR was looking for a spring intern that was willing to dedicate at least two days a week to the position and my schedule allowed for three. After submitting my resume, writing a cover letter and going through two rounds of interviews, I successfully had a placement and the seamless recruiting process reflects my current job.

    This blog will document my daily work and learning experiences. I look forward to sharing them and reflecting upon this exciting internship!

    Tala Odeh

    AU School of Communication Class of 2014

  • Eleanor 8:00 pm on March 2, 2013 Permalink
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    A Tried and True List 

    I didn’t want to seem too eager about this whole blogging thing, so I decided to wait until someone else posted a blog before I wrote another. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And now, I’m just going to post. Because I want to, that’s why.


    I want to talk today about balancing creativity in my internship. I’ve been there, oof, 5 times now? I think? It’s been three weeks, but with Presidents’ Day, I got a day off (yup, everyone except AU does, it seems. Perks of working for the government). And while I’ve been here, I’ve been struggling with knowing when to turn on and off my creative brain. If it’s on and I’m doing busy work, I’m falling asleep. If it’s off while I’m writing, I’m just stringing words together without any style. Because people like me like lists, I’ll give you a list today, readers. This is a list for myself and for other interns or future interns.


    1)      Find some satisfaction in the mundane: On my second day, I had 99 problems, and faxing was ALL of them. I’m pretty sure I told this joke to all of my friends, so if you groan too I won’t be offended. I literally was assigned to send 99 faxes. I stood next to the fax machine for about an hour and a half, because you can’t send 2 faxes at a time. So there I was, typing, scanning, sending, again  and again. But when I finished with the tedium, I had accomplished something measurable. That stack of 99 letters was boring, but the completed pile was a very fulfilling thing. After work, I found this really funny article about faxing in Japan. Apparently, it’s still a thing there.

    2)      Take your breaks: Most of my life here at IMLS isn’t faxing, it’s writing and researching, which can really zap those brain cells whether it’s a Monday morning or a Thursday afternoon at the end of a long week. Everyone at my office sits at their desks for lunch, and so I do too, but while I’m eating, I’m not doing work. I’m usually reading articles online about stuff that entertains or interests me.

    3)      Stay off Facebook: I haven’t done it yet, and I’m not planning to, but when I do homework, Facebook and Twitter eat my time (I’m not on tumblr for that reason). I used to think that Pintrest was easier to let go of, but it’s really not. I stay off social media even during my breaks, so it’s a treat when I get back home.

    4)      Ask for more: Seriously, this is the most clichéd list of dos and don’ts ever. I’ve read this blog before. But I think there’s a reason this stuff gets said time and time again. Soo, if you run out of work or are stuck on a project, ask to talk about it with your boss/supervisor. Mine was pretty impressed with all the work I’d done, even though I thought it seemed pretty standard. And then she said she’d give me tips, next steps, and more information the next time I come in, after she reads it. Never know if you don’t ask. And being bored all day is so not worth it.


    The one thing I don’t have figured out yet is how to not get a headache looking at a computer screen for 6 straight hours. My brain and my eyes hate me at the end of the day.


    Thanks for reading through. See you next time.

  • Carter Gibson 4:20 pm on June 17, 2011 Permalink
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    An Intern’s Online Identity 

    People write different ways depending on their audience. For instance, I have begun to frequently write blog posts for The Ad Council’s official blog AdLibbing and am very careful about my language, tone, and content. Afterall, this blog is a great way for me to show off my personality and critical thinking capacities to both my supervisor and high level Ad Council professionals.

    On here, the AU Intern Blog, I was much more casual in my blog posts caring admittedly less about sentence structure and in-depth, personal analysis. Therefore, it was much to my mortification and horror when I saw my first blog post on here sent out to a large part of the Ad Council PR team for reference. It was then that I realized that I’m not just writing for my peers or for a $50 Amazon gift card – I’m writing for my employer as well. This prompted a quick Google search of myself and a frantic effort to protect my online identity.
    (More …)

    • Florian 6:03 pm on June 17, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I can only second what you said about protecting your online identity. Things can come back to haunt you even when you have long forgotten about them. And I know (from sitting in the office with people while this was happening at another internship) that some companies will thoroughly search for your online “resume” more so than looking through your real resume and cover letter.

  • Lauren Gentile 8:53 pm on February 17, 2011 Permalink
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    Day on the Hill 

    This past week at the Hatcher Group, I had the chance to attend and help out with my first congressional briefing on Capitol Hill. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, most of the Hatcher Group’s clients are non-profits that are dedicated to social change by putting pressure on lawmakers to create social policy.
    (More …)

  • Linda Benesch 8:52 pm on February 6, 2011 Permalink
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    Two Very Different Days 

    I intern at the Religious Action Center (RAC) for two full days a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. This week, the contrast between those two days perfectly encapsulated the two different parts of my (and I suspect most) internship. Wednesday was an exciting day, during which I got to do research, write two blog posts, and attend a meeting, whereas Friday was much more low key and mainly involved stuffing envelopes, but I see the importance of each type of work and enjoyed both days. This week I also wrote out a “contract” with my employers for my internship class, which I will include at the end of this post.

    (More …)

    • miranda78 2:47 pm on February 7, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      That is great you have a contract so that there is a clear structure to your internship. I know how you feel about the contrast btw. your two days interning.. last semester I would be mailing 500 publications one week, and then the next week I had to edit speaker biographies in a short amount of time. It is definitely the uncertainty of being an intern!

  • Lauren Gentile 10:54 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink
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    Busy, Busy, Busy… 

    At The Hatcher Group this semester, I will be working on a wide variety of projects and tasks for a number of different clients.

    I will be shooting and editing some video interviews (similar to the work I did at the Washingtonpost.com). I will also be writing blog posts for client websites, pitching stories to the media about our clients, organizing and developing media lists for different projects, designing communications proposals to attract new clients, and attending events and hill briefings for our clients, to name a few.

    Since I started working at the Hatcher Group right after the first of the year, there has never been a dull moment! My days have been packed with activities and tasks that are both challenging yet rewarding. It’s great being busy, though. There is nothing worse than a boring internship where you have very little, if anything to do! I have heard a lot of stories from friends that had internships where they just sat there all day. I am very lucky that this is not one of those internships.

    (More …)

    • miranda78 9:54 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      That is great you are very busy and have a lot of interesting tasks to complete at your internship. I agree, nothing is worst than being bored at an internship!

  • Geoff Silverstein 8:25 pm on November 22, 2010 Permalink
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    A New Home 

    I’m excited to officially move the AU Intern blog to the new American University Blogs. For the past 3 years students shared insights and advice about their internships, and shed light on incredible opportunities.

    While you can still read previous interns’ posts at auintern.wordpress.com, next semester’s student bloggers will be hosted right here. Any student with a spring internship can apply now to blog about their experience. Just email Francine Blume, AU Career Center Director of Experiential Education, or shoot a tweet to @aucareercenter.

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