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    Turning Your Internship Into A Real Job 

    As apart of my internship, I’m responsible for sending out a weekly update that includes interesting articles, fun videos, and relevant professional development information to all the other interns. During one of my first weeks at Grameen, I came across an article from The Huffington Post that I found very interesting—it was called 6 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Job.” Since it was only the beginning of my internship, I wasn’t too worried about turning it into a job. However, now that I’ve fallen in love with this organization I’m definitely thinking back to the advice in the article for help on coming back to GF in the future. Here are a few of the tips: (More …)

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    Your Turn! Want to Work with GF? 

    Interested in applying for an internship at Grameen Foundation? We are actually looking for interns for the summer so feel free to apply HERE by April 30th or contact me with questions. (More …)

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    Biggest Takeaway: Saving the World the Right Way 

    This information will be particularly relevant to anyone interested in the NGO or development fields. I was sort of thrown into this area myself and have been extremely immersed in it over the last few months. I’ve learned a great deal about a career field that I wasn’t previously aware of or interested in. This is my greatest takeaway that has been solidified by my experiences here at Grameen:

    Having passion and a good heart are important, but you need to have education, skills, and experience to really make an impact. (More …)

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    A Few of My Favorite Things…. 

    As you all know, I’ve been raving about how great Grameen is and how much I love this internship—but what’s so great about it? Here’s two of my favorite things about Grameen:

    1. Flexibility

    I’d have to say my absolute favorite thing about my internship is the flexibility. I like to describe my internship as “flubber-like” because my tasks and roles are constantly changing and morphing. Sometimes I’m doing one project in one area and the next day I’m helping support a different team with a whole different set of skills. I love this because it keeps things interesting and allows me to develop myself in a multitude of ways (as I talked about in my last post).  (More …)

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    Skills Gained at Grameen 

    First off: my advice to every intern is to make sure you write down all of the skills/tools you gain, learn, or develop during your internship. This way you can discuss them specifically in an interview and won’t forget to add them to your resume. I keep mine written in the front cover of my internship notebook so I can refer to them at times like this 🙂

    Fortunately, this internship has given me a variety of projects that have allowed me to tap into and develop a wide range of skills. I’ve been exposed to the Salesforce system which Grameen uses to keep track of employees, volunteers, projects—(aka just about EVERYTHING). This cloud based system allows us to keep all of our data and information in one location that’s accessible to whoever needs it. Additionally, I’ve become savvy on Google + and all the tools that Google offers. In addition to webinars, video conferencing, and other basic functions, I’ve become good at using Smartsheet which is a fantastic fusion of Google docs, forms, and excel. I use it to keep track of my own tasks as well as the incoming fellowship applications, our marketing campaign, and many other things. It’s an adaptable and highly useful tool.

    More broadly I’ve worked on projects that exercised my abilities in the following areas: (More …)

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    Turning Your Internship Into a Job 

    How do you plan to use your internship to launch your future career?

    To be totally honest, I hope that I will eventually be hired full-time by the Grameen Foundation. I plan on continuing to intern with them up until I graduate. I joined the Grameen team to learn more about the role of business and technology in development. I had always liked business, microfinance, social justice, and solving large global issues to help “change the world.” I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this field so I tested it out by taking this internship. Grameen has confirmed my desire to go into this field—I’m learning a great deal, getting the inside scoop on how a large NGO functions, and using the opportunity to explore different tasks and teams within the company. Additionally, I’ve been exposed to similar companies and associated organizations which is fascinating and eye-opening all at once.

    I’m using my time at Grameen to learn, learn, learn and develop myself to enter this field as a full time professional. I’m taking advantage of my unique placement as an intern to gain insight into the skills required to be successful in a place like GF and talk with current professionals to learn about their career paths, education, and advice. Check out this Forbes article for advice on how to turn your internship into a full-time (salaried) job!


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    4 Tips on Managing Your Time Commitments 

    To give you some background, in addition to my 17 hour internship with the Grameen Foundation I also work at a sports bar and help coordinate a swim school that practices in the AU pool. I am involved as a Brother of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity and a player on the AU Club Volleyball Team and oh yeah, I also go to class!

    How do I manage my time commitments? I have a time turner like Hermione in Harry Potter. Just kidding, but sometimes I wish I did! I’ve had a great deal of practice at time management—so I never feel too overwhelmed. Let me share some of my favorite time management tips:

    1.    Always have a planner/schedule.

    At the beginning of the semester I organize my basic schedule (class, work) accordingly so that I can get hours at each job and avoid conflicts. This semester I have so much going on that I made a schedule on the computer and printed out several copies to fill in each week. Have a hard copy to back you up help—that way you don’t have to rely on your own memory. Use whatever works for you: Google, iCal, or good ole fashion pen and paper.

    2.    Pencil in some fun

    Make sure your schedule includes time to do something you WANT to do. Whether it be catching up on Netflix, going to the gym, cooking, hanging out with friends, playing soccer, whatever you love—make time to enjoy it. Taking a few minutes to release endorphins will make you more productive and happier! Each week I look forward to taking time out to play volleyball, go to the gym, and watch Modern Family or Law & Order!

    3.    Work at work

    As young, energetic college students most of us are very good at multi-tasking. However, sometimes it gets hard to juggle everything at once without letting something fall through the cracks. In order to ensure my internship work is high-quality I’ve had to separate it from my other jobs and school work. This semester, I only work on my internship during the 17 hours I am in the office.  This is the time I check my email and work on my deliverables. Compartmentalizing like this helps prevents stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.

    4.    Enjoy what you do

    Don’t get stuck in an internship where you feel useless, bored, or stressed. Select a job in a field you are interested in or want to learn more about. Take every opportunity to network, meet people, and absorb as much as you can. Take on additional projects that may interest you—you’ll be hard pressed to find an employer that will say “no” when you ask for more work. This will give you experience and keep you busy/entertained. Take advantage of your internship to learn as much as you can—you may decide you love the field or maybe it isn’t for you.

    Hope some of these tips help you manage your lives and increase your productivity and happiness levels J Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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    GF Showcased Work 

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve worked to redesign several documents (toolkits) with the new GF marketing pack and also have had to translate some documents into Spanish to market our 2014 Fellowship to Spanish-speaking candidates. I’ve attached a few snapshots of this work—you can see them below.


    Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 4.18.31 PM






    AFTERScreen shot 2014-03-07 at 4.17.23 PM

    Also, I help the interns in their professional development by sending out weekly updates chock full of TEDxTalks, Forbes articles, and Brookings events. Here is one of my all time favorite TEDxTalks for you to check out!


    Also this week, in honor of International Women’s Day I am participating in a company wide challenge to feed myself on only $2.50 a day. I created a fundraising page and encouraged friends and family to sponsor my challenge. In the end, I was able to raise over $200!! All of this money goes to support Grameen Foundation and in turn, empowers women to lift themselves out of poverty. Check out the links below to see a short video about our work with women and see my fundraising page. It’s an interesting challenge and I’m especially proud because I really wasn’t expecting to raise much money.

    2 min video: https://vimeo.com/87914513

    My profile: http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=302265

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    At GF: A Day in the Life 

     My day starts when I enter the third floor office and drop my stuff off at the “intern bar” that I share with a couple other interns working with Bankers without Borders and the financial departments. I make my way to the open-space kitchen to grab some tea or coffee and pass by the open cubicles where members of the various teams are situated. The culture at Grameen is very friendly and flexible—because there are offices all over the world, people are in and out on business and sometimes plugged into their computer skyping with clients or remote teams.  Working remotely is easy (which is great for snow days or other conflicts that come up); my boss actually works remotely from London.

    (More …)

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    Introduction: Elyse Collat 

    Aloha! I’m Elyse Collat, an AU Kogod junior originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m studying Business, Language, Culture with Spanish as my language and I’m also working towards a minor in Environmental Science. Academically and professionally I am interested in learning about the world around—I love microfinance, agriculture, healthcare, sustainable development, among other fields. I enjoy learning major issues facing the world and potential solutions—especially when they are as inspiring and exciting as microfinance, mobile technology, etc. In my free time I enjoy travelling, exploring the outdoors, being active, laughing, eating, photography, and surfing or going the beach.

    (More …)

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