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  • Divya 9:51 pm on November 13, 2011 Permalink
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    Keep Calm and Carry On 

    Senior year has been much more demanding than I ever thought possible, but when things get tough I just tell myself “keep calm and carry on.” It’s simple and some may think it’s silly, but it is truly great advice.

    It is hard to realize as a student, intern, leader, daughter, sister, etc. that things will move on a get better. Too often I find myself overwhelmed or stressed about things I have to do.  I have always been pretty good about managing my stress, but I find that it is absolutely key this year to figure exactly how I want to handle stressful situations.

    My best tool to combat stress?…PLANNING!

    Planning ahead can make an incredible difference in any situation. For example, this summer I knew that I wanted to broaden my experience and get a new internship. I was very worried about searching, interviewing, etc. However, I relieved myself of a lot of this pressure by creating a plan.  I told myself that I wanted to start my internship by mid-August. That meant that I needed to start searching at the end of June, giving myself time to look around, interview, and really figure out what I wanted out of an internship. That general timeline really helped me reduce stress and find an internship that I love.

    Obviously you can’t plan for everything, but knowing roughly what you are going to do in any situation can be beneficial in many ways. It may take 5 more minutes to sit down and write out your plans in your agenda, but it could result in more free time in the long run(maybe even put those extra hours into more sleep time!)


    • Sue Gordon 2:19 pm on November 14, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great post, Divya with two great tips– love the “keep calm and carry on” theme– and also the great advice about planning your job/internship search! You began your summer search at the end of June, giving you 6-8 weeks to find your position. For those seeking a spring internship, NOW is a great time to start searching and planning (remember it’s tough to reach people during the holidays). And if the search is slow- remember your advice to “keep calm and carry on”.

  • Divya 9:48 pm on November 7, 2011 Permalink
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    Hit the ground running 

    I landed the internship.. now what?

    My first day at Legacy was a total blur. The HR department led the interns in a short orientation program, toured us around the building, and then we started our day as official interns. My supervisor and I talked about my goals for the semester and what I expected to get out of the internship. I thought this was a valuable step that all interns should take. It is not only about what the company expects of you, but what you want to happen throughout the course of the semester. In order to integrate quickly, I jumped right into doing real projects! I felt like I dove in and got lost in a sea of media clipping, photo collages, and press releases. Some people might have felt nervous, but I was filled with excitement. The day went by so quickly that I looked up and realized it was 4pm and I only had an hour left. It was such an incredible feeling to leave that day, after only having worked for 8 hours, and feeling like I had accomplished a lot.

    I have now been with the company for a couple months and I leave almost every day feeling this way. I appreciate being with this company because I feel like I have the opportunity to grow and learn every time I walk into the office. I hope that you all will be able to find internships that make you feel this way too!

  • Divya 2:50 pm on October 25, 2011 Permalink
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    Finding the right internship 

    Prior to starting at Legacy , I worked at a recruiting firm in McPherson Square called HireStrategy. My internship was more HR/Admin focused, but I believe that the skills I learned at HireStrategy really helped me to market myself for other internships. I worked full-time during the summer of 2011 and got a feel for what working life is really like. Definitely not glamorous, but it was nice to have extra money and I honestly felt very accomplished when I could talk about all my progress to co-workers and potential internship supervisors.

    I loved doing HR and I’m glad I held the position because it gave me a transferable skill set, but I felt like I needed something more related to my major if I wanted to pursue a Communications job in the future.  I would definitely encourage people to try a position in a field that they don’t study in school because it could set you apart in the future. I learned some amazing skills for the future such as interviewing etiquette, database management, and how to deal with clients and candidates on a daily basis. Never be afraid to learn something new! During my free time I searched for internships for fall 2011 on the AU Career Center and Job Corps websites. I remember sending in 15 applications in one day and hoped for the best. Suddenly (more like after a week of few replies), I remembered my sorority advisor telling me last summer that her company has a wonderful internship program. I looked up the company’s website and I found myself really interested in the work of the organization. I wanted to know more so I e-mailed my advisor my resume and told her that I was interested in the position. I went through a formal interview process and met with multiple people on the Communications Team. It was really nice to have her as a connection because she knows what type of a worker I am and she could vouch for me as the best candidate for the job. Though it is nice to know someone at the company, it’s important to not fall back on them too much. You have to prove to their co-workers that you can handle yourself and the position at hand.  

    Everyone may not be in a club/organization on campus, but you never know where an opportunity may pop up. Pay attention to professors who mention current or former workplaces. As terrible as it may sound.. USE PEOPLE- don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities  if you think there is a potential for job or internship placement. People WANT to help you, but they can’t do anything if you don’t ask them!

  • Divya 8:46 pm on October 17, 2011 Permalink
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    Intern Intro- Divya Baliga 

    Hi y’all! My name is Divya Baliga and I’m a senior at American University . I’m majoring in Public Communications with a minor in Marketing. I’m the President of my sorority, intern 3 days a week, and take a full course load. I’ve started to realize that doing all these things while trying to maintain a social life may drive me crazy in the long run, but it’s the most beneficial lifestyle for me.

    I’m originally from Jackson, Mississippi(hence the y’all) and absolutely love the hospitable attitudes of southerners, but I knew that DC was the place that I could find a future. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic in during the Fall 2009 semester. It’s too beautiful for me to not add some pictures in!  Below are two photos, one is of my best friend(Amy) and I at Prague Castle overlooking the city and the second is of a graffiti artist’s work that I saw being created at the Lennon Wall.
    (More …)

    • Francine Blume 5:50 pm on October 21, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Where were your other two internships? How did they help you prepare for this internship?

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