The most useful skills I have gained from interning at Brainfood are paying more attention to detail, thinking out of the box/ being more creative, and having a better ability to work with youth in a leadership role.

I have to pay a lot of attention to detain in my role in preparation and facilitation of a large class of students. We cook almost each class and have a small budget for food, therefore dividing supplies and making correct measurements are extremely important.

Thinking out of the box and being creative is another skills I have gained. At times I am tasked with creating posters for class lessons. They must have correct facts and look appealing to the students. Even in class I have to be creative when a recipe does not turn out correctly. Although I like to follow recipes  I have loosened up and a lot of the recipes we make end up being better because we don’t follow the instructions perfectly

Lastly, I am more comfortable working with you in comparison to when I started.  High school students can be intimidating, and being so close in age with them it can be tricky when establishing boundaries between being their friend and being a role model. With only two weeks left in the program, I am more confident in playing my role as a figure of authority and setting a good example for them.