Favorite Things

I love my internship so much and I would even work for them if I could so picking my favorite things is a little difficult.

I will start with my favorite class of the year. We had guest Chef Teddy Folkman, head chef at Granville Moore’s, come to teach the class how to make pasta from scratch. The funny thing was that he came on the wrong day but class ended up being incredible. I just stood back and watched as the magic happened. My students learned how to make homemade pasta, two types of sauce, chicken and shrimp without looking at a recipe or using proper measurements. The students had so much fun and were incredibly engaged which was surprising and exciting. The food at the end of class was so good I didn’t even get a photo.

As for my other favorite things, I will name some of my favorite dishes we have made over the year

1. Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes

2. CoCo Bread

3. Butternut Squash Soup

4. Black Bean Burgers

5. Fake Flake Fried Chicken

6. Curry Shrimp