How my internship will impact my future career

Seeing that I am graduating in a couple of weeks, it is no secret that my career has been at the forefront of my mind. I always like interning ┬ábecause it helps you know what you like and what you don’t like. I find that separating those thoughts is difficult because you think what you learn in class is how it is but in reality it may be totally different. For example when I was a freshmen I thought I wanted to do human rights work. I had a friend interning for a human rights office so I asked her what it was like. After that conversation, I was sure I was more interested in learning about human rights rather than working in that field.

Interning at Brainfood has been a large step in the direction I want to go in for my future. I plan on becoming a dietitian, and working with youth and young adults to help them develop healthy life habits and teach them how to cook. Brainfood has given me the most useful skills because they do almost everything I want to do.

What I did not know I would gain is a network of people who share my interests. I enjoy talking to the volunteers and staff I work with; learning about what they do and any advice they have for me. They are all so helpful especially since they know I am graduating and looking for a job they give me advice and tell me about opportunities.

I hope that as I move from this point in my life to the next I will be able to sustain the relationships I have formed and take the skills I learned and build upon their foundation as I make my way through my career.