The Things I’ve Done

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late post. The weather this weekend has been so perfect that I have barely been on my computer. It was so refreshing to be outside in the sun. I ventured out into the city with some friends to see the cherry blossoms. Even though its our senior year none of us had gone to see the blossoms before. I will say one tip for those who have yet to go to see cherry blossoms at the tidal basin:

1. Go in the morning.

2. If you can’t wake up to go in the morning go during the week when there is probably less traffic of people.

3. Go early when the blossoms are pink and not white.

Cherry Blossom pic

Back to the point of my blog that was supposed to be for yesterday, I wanted to start by giving the answers to the challenge questions I posed last week.

Q: A mix of 1/2 onions, 1/4 carrots and 1/4 celery is what?

A: A mirepoix

Q: Name 3 components of a whole grain.

A: The bran, germ, and endosperm

Q: In a GARDEN WASTE ONLY compost bin, these three items should not be added, because they are harmful to worms

A: Onions and onion peels, potatoes and potato peels, and citrus fruits

I know in my last post I talked about some of my accomplishments. Today I want to talk about some of the work I have most recently completed and some blog posts I have written. I am usually asked to write a blog post every few months. They usually are about my experiences. I think if I could wrote another one it would be about the guest chef that came to our class last week and taught them how to make pasta from scratch.

Other work that I do is to create the posters that we use for the lesson portions of class. My most recent poster was focusing on food access. I really enjoy my internship but I like it more when I get to incorporate things that  I enjoy learning about such as this.

food access


I don’t want to poor you with repetition so I will attach the link to our Bite of Brainfood Blog where you can read about what I and the other employees, interns, and students have been up to!

Oh and enjoy the facts from my Food Access Poster

Until next week!