Biggest Takeaway: Saving the World the Right Way

This information will be particularly relevant to anyone interested in the NGO or development fields. I was sort of thrown into this area myself and have been extremely immersed in it over the last few months. I’ve learned a great deal about a career field that I wasn’t previously aware of or interested in. This is my greatest takeaway that has been solidified by my experiences here at Grameen:

Having passion and a good heart are important, but you need to have education, skills, and experience to really make an impact.

The Grameen Foundation’s main goal is to alleviate poverty. Many people can identify with this mission and want to support it. But Grameen leverages business resources, experienced talent, and technological tools to further their cause. By participating in the planning, marketing, and application review processes for our Fellowship this year I’ve seen what companies like Grameen really look for in their employees and volunteers so that their efforts are impactful, successful, positive and not in vain or harmful.

Being interested in helping people, saving the world, etc. is the first step but you can’t stop there. It’s important to understand what skills you have or what skills you need to develop to contribute positively in a company like Grameen, Accion, etc. Often time these skills are business strategy, financial, accounting, legal, etc. As interns and students its important that we are taking the right measures to develop ourselves professionally and equip ourselves with the skills that will allow us to be successful in the fields that we are interested in. My advice is to continue to grow and learn no matter what—take opportunities as they come and constantly reflect to check that you are supporting the mission in an effective manner.