When I think of my accomplishments they generally consist of making a healthy breakfast in less than 10 minutes, arriving to my office job on time, getting a good grade on an exam and my personal favorite, finding snacks or money in my pocket. Sometimes I find it difficult to speak of accomplishments that I can really be proud of because I tend to be very modest. When it comes to my internship I have no problem speaking about my accomplishments. If I haven’t said it already let me say that interning at Brainfood has been the highlight of my senior year. I have had so much fun with my students over the past six months. When I first started interning I made a list of some things I wanted to accomplish during my time with the students. I wanted to Listen, Learn, and Inspire. Something I didn’t think about in my original list of goals was to make connections.

For anyone who has worked with youth programs or students knows that making connections with your students is so important if you want to be successful. It really takes time and dedication to get this one thing right and can be difficult. I believe that I have done a great job in making those connections with my students. I have the privilege of working with two groups of students.

My first group is an older group and they are loud and rambunctious. I have been working with them since we all started in October and I have a deeper connection with them. I laugh so much in this class and always have a great time. And to see their progress has been incredible. I find I have less work to do as they become more independent in their cooking.

My second class is smaller, and younger in age. I think they have an advantage working with fewer people because they are very efficient. I also have an advantage of getting to know them better since there are so few of them. And you didn’t hear this from me but sometimes they make the food better…Shhhh!

Besides making some great connections in my classes I have more tangible accomplishments that I can show off. As the Kitchen All Stars Intern one of my main tasks is to put together a cookbook of all the recipes we have made. This will be finished at the end of the year and I am working on it now so I don’t want to spoil my surprises so more of that will come later.

Working with such a small organization I am truly lucky because I see exactly where my work is going. I made a poster that will now be used during class when we talk about where our food comes from. Another project I worked on along with our Garden Intern was a poster board featuring a jeopardy game. This will be displayed at at the City Paper’s Best of DC Event!

brainfood best of dc poster


As you can see the game features questions in the categories for cooking/baking, nutrition, and garden. On the sides of the poster we put information about the organization and ways to get involved. Fun Fact: this poster was totally handmade and it looks like a professional made it.

So here are some questions for you from the board. See if you can answer and check my Saturday post for answers

1. Cooking and Baking for 100: A mix of 1/2 onions, 1/4 carrots and 1/4 celery is what?

2. Nutrition for 400: Name the three components of a whole grain

3. Garden for 300: In a GARDEN WASTE ONLY compost bin, these three items should not be added, because they are harmful to worms

Take your best guess, you may receive a prize!

Until Next Time,