A Few of My Favorite Things….

As you all know, I’ve been raving about how great Grameen is and how much I love this internship—but what’s so great about it? Here’s two of my favorite things about Grameen:

1. Flexibility

I’d have to say my absolute favorite thing about my internship is the flexibility. I like to describe my internship as “flubber-like” because my tasks and roles are constantly changing and morphing. Sometimes I’m doing one project in one area and the next day I’m helping support a different team with a whole different set of skills. I love this because it keeps things interesting and allows me to develop myself in a multitude of ways (as I talked about in my last post). My boss works remotely—if that doesn’t encapsulate flexibility then I don’t know what does. Many people at Grameen travel or have other obligations so there is a great deal of flexibility in work time and place. If its snowing or I’m feeling under the weather I can easily do my work from home, which is a major plus for a crazy busy college student. I try to be in the office as much as possible because I like to interact with people in the office but its great to know that my boss and work is so flexible just in case.

2. Friendliness

People at Grameen are very friendly and usually share a similar interest in development. It’s nice to be able to meet many different types of people with a common mission. Although many people are often plugged in to their computers or focusing on work, there is also a nice open kitchen space which people use to interact. Its nice to know that if you need help, have questions, or just need a break people are open and friendly. Its also nice that the atmosphere is not constantly social, so its easy to get lots of work done.

As you can tell, Grameen offers a great work space filled with kind, interesting people as well as a great work schedule. I’m enjoying my time here because I feel supported and integrated into the office. I encourage students to try and find internships where they feel comfortable and foster them to work at their best level.