Every high school senior is going to be…

Every high school senior is going to be nervous about college, but college is a great chance to learn about yourself and what you want to do with your life. Below are five tips for AU’s incoming class about mentors, internships, part time jobs, and more!

American University's quad

1.)    Find a mentor. Chances are you already have someone you consider a mentor. They could be a great teacher, someone in your neighborhood, or someone in your family. Finding a mentor in your new city at a new school helps you feel grounded and supported when you’re trying to make the most of college. Here in DC the people I’ve looked up to the most have been older students in clubs, people I met volunteering, or professors whose class I really enjoyed.


2.)    Speaking of professors, you are at a great University with fantastic professors. If you’re interested in a specific career you can find someone who has worked in that field. Seek out these professors and let them know that you’re interested in their fields. Even if you never take their class they will probably be happy to give you some great advice.


3.)    Take advantage of DC and all of the networking opportunities. As a first generation college student I didn’t have any connections from my parents to DC’s professional crowd. Instead, I talked to the family I babysit for about possible internships and they were able to pass my name on to their friends in consulting firms and within a week I was offered a summer internship that I never would have thought I could get.


4.)    Part-time jobs are really easy to find in DC if you do a little looking. Parents are constantly looking for babysitters on the AU student government jobs board (http://jobs.ausg.org/) and on-campus jobs are great for fitting into your schedule in between classes or in the evenings.


5.)    Have a couple internships during your time at American! Internships are about finding out what you do (and don’t) want to do after you graduate. Intern or even volunteer with several different places so you can learn more about yourself and what you want to do after you graduate.