Skills Gained at Grameen

First off: my advice to every intern is to make sure you write down all of the skills/tools you gain, learn, or develop during your internship. This way you can discuss them specifically in an interview and won’t forget to add them to your resume. I keep mine written in the front cover of my internship notebook so I can refer to them at times like this 🙂

Fortunately, this internship has given me a variety of projects that have allowed me to tap into and develop a wide range of skills. I’ve been exposed to the Salesforce system which Grameen uses to keep track of employees, volunteers, projects—(aka just about EVERYTHING). This cloud based system allows us to keep all of our data and information in one location that’s accessible to whoever needs it. Additionally, I’ve become savvy on Google + and all the tools that Google offers. In addition to webinars, video conferencing, and other basic functions, I’ve become good at using Smartsheet which is a fantastic fusion of Google docs, forms, and excel. I use it to keep track of my own tasks as well as the incoming fellowship applications, our marketing campaign, and many other things. It’s an adaptable and highly useful tool.

More broadly I’ve worked on projects that exercised my abilities in the following areas:

Basic data analytics: I’ve been refreshing myself on excel to manipulate and pull trends from a set of data about interns and their positions from previous years. I haven’t done much data analytics in the past so I appreciate this opportunity to learn and develop this skill.

Basic HTML email design/code: As apart of my interview with Grameen my boss asked me to create a mock-communication material of any sort to market the 2014 Fellowship. I chose to create a HTML format email that took a design I created and translated it into a nice email. I scrambled all around the internet to learn  how to create a HTML format email and was able to gain a solid understanding of the components and difficulties surrounding HTML coding. Bonus: I also learned how to use Adobe suite to create the foundations/designs of the email.

Brand Management/ Graphic Design: Like I mentioned in the previous skillset, I designed a communication material for the 2014 Fellowship. Additionally, I was asked to use Grameen’s new marketing brand pack to redesign a series of documents.

Translation: I’ve used my Spanish language skills a few times when translating marketing materials for the 2014 Fellowship campaign.

Marketing: Although I’m not the marketing or social media intern, I’ve been a large part of the marketing push for our 2014 Fellowship (as I’m sure you all are sick of reading about already). I’ve learned about new website and companies that exist for these types of jobs (which is good to know for my future job searches). Additionally, I’ve learned how to leverage Twitter and LinkedIn to target the candidates who might be a good fit with our organization.

Administrative: Along with all of these skills, I’ve continued to hone my administrative skills as an assistant to my boss.

I’ve still got a couple months to go on my internship so I’m very excited to keep learning new skills! Grameen has allowed me to practice many more new skills than I could have imagined.