Turning Your Internship Into a Job

How do you plan to use your internship to launch your future career?

To be totally honest, I hope that I will eventually be hired full-time by the Grameen Foundation. I plan on continuing to intern with them up until I graduate. I joined the Grameen team to learn more about the role of business and technology in development. I had always liked business, microfinance, social justice, and solving large global issues to help “change the world.” I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this field so I tested it out by taking this internship. Grameen has confirmed my desire to go into this field—I’m learning a great deal, getting the inside scoop on how a large NGO functions, and using the opportunity to explore different tasks and teams within the company. Additionally, I’ve been exposed to similar companies and associated organizations which is fascinating and eye-opening all at once.

I’m using my time at Grameen to learn, learn, learn and develop myself to enter this field as a full time professional. I’m taking advantage of my unique placement as an intern to gain insight into the skills required to be successful in a place like GF and talk with current professionals to learn about their career paths, education, and advice. Check out this Forbes article for advice on how to turn your internship into a full-time (salaried) job!