At Brainfood I am always moving

At Brainfood I am always moving. The kitchen I work out of is a fairly large space and my students often like to find spots to hide in and talk with each other so I am always on the move, but I love it.

The majority of my internship is spent in the kitchen with my students and a couple hours of the week are dedicated to time I spend in the office helping my manager.

When I come on a kitchen day I have to set up before class and close down after class. It’s kind of like opening up a store if you are the first one in and closing if you are the last one out. You have to make sure everything is in its place and ready to go. To do this I make a list, usually in my head, but it’s so I don’t forget anything.  It goes something like this: water and cups out …check, sinks filled…check, pantry open….check, find ingredients and place them on the cart…check, wipe down counters if dirty…check, take out knives…check, put up today’s poster…check. When I am closing down for the night I drain the sinks, put away posters, knives and dish rags. Pretty easy.

When my students start trailing in the fun begins. They coming in and set their bags down and immediately start talking to their friends from other schools, talking to volunteers about what we are making today and after a few minutes we can begin. Class always starts in a circle and ends in a circle. Usually we go around and say expectations for the day like being awesome, or doing extra dishes, or reading the recipe and staying organized. Then we move on to the lesson. I think my favorite lesson was learning about the parts of a cow and everyone tried to guess the different cuts like the round.


After a lesson which is no more than 10 minutes we start cooking. From that point on everything is left to the students, they find most of their supplies and ingredients, and at this point in the year they have mastered so many skills that my job is to make sure they are staying on task. You know how high school students are, always talking nonstop. This semester has been great because I am really getting to know them.

Once the cooking is done and food is ready to be served students divide what they have prepared on dishes so everyone can taste. The rule is that you cannot say nasty and you have to taste everything on your plate or you cannot eat at all (allergies are an exception). The best days are when the kitchen gets really quiet, that’s when the recipes turned out really good!

After we eat we have to wash out plates and put away any last items, and clean any remaining dishes. During our closing we say someone who we appreciated or something we learned and then the students are released to go home. Class always goes by so fast even though I am there for almost 4 hours. In my class yesterday I appreciated how one student was a leader by showing another student a skill he forgot because he had missed a number of classes for basketball season. Those are the moments I enjoy the most.

I do a lot of work at my internship, but it’s good work and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Until next time