Current Projects This semester I get to work…

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Current Projects

This semester I get to work on Domestic Radio Nuclear Material Smuggling Networks.  This project is important because experts fear that as terrorist organizations become better funded they might be able to pay international crime organizations (ICOs) to deliver nuclear materials.  Since ICOs are profit driven the prospect of masses dying as a result of their transaction might not be a deterrent.  Additionally, since radio nuclear material is small it is easier to transport than much of the other goods trafficked by ICOs.  My first project was making brief profiles for ICOs identified by a separate project within START.  Now I have moved on to making similar profiles for terrorist organizations.  The end goal is to know what groups work together, in what states and to have a full map of ever smuggling root in the US within the next five years.  There is a project doing the same type of work for Europe and Africa this semester, South America is already completely finished and Asia and Australia are also in the ten year plan.  This type of project is great experience because I get to work on a full world smuggling networks map that will be essential for many intelligence and law enforcement worldwide organizations.