My Experience with the Internship Fair


Every semester, AU hosts a Job and Internship Fair in Bender Arena. As I am only a freshman, I knew not to expect too much, but I was still excited. I made a special trip to the Career Center and one of the fabulous advisers formatted my old resume to look more professional.

I walked into Bender with my new, clean resume, excited and ready to network. Tables lined the floor of the arena and I was excited to discover all the internships opportunities DC had to offer. I could see tables for the Department of State and National Institutes of Health. I was anxious to talk with employees from these big name organizations.

My enthusiasm quickly dissolved once I began networking. I visited tables featuring smaller name organizations, in the hopes of receiving a business card. Not surprisingly, when potential employers found out I was a freshman, there was a noticeable change in our conversation. No one wanted to hire a freshman. I handed out maybe two copies of my resume, but Machik was one of them.

I did not hear anything during the semester, so I assumed that the fair had been a failed networking experience. Over winter break, I was contacted by Machik for an interview. Eventually, I was given the internship.

I have been working at Machik for about two months now and that would not be the case if I had not attended the Internship Fair. So next time you think something isn’t worth it, try anyway. You never know what could come out of it.