Hi Everyone –   Tomorrow the grassroots organization…

Hi Everyone –


Tomorrow the grassroots organization I intern with, Ready for Hillary, will be launching its Women’s Outreach office with a landmark event called Her Voice, Her Values, Our Movement – A Conversation in our Nation’s Capitol. We will be having two panels: the first on how Hillary has been an agent of change over the course of her career and the second on how women are coming together to form a grassroots network. I have been working on projects for this event since my first day at Ready for Hillary, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it all come together.

I wanted to share some of the work I’ve been doing since starting at Ready for Hillary. This can give all of you prospective interns out there a better idea of what goes into list event planning. Here’s  what I’ve been working on:

1.)    Phone calls! Lots and lots of phone calls. After all of our RSVPs came in, I was responsible for calling everyone who responded to our invite to make sure they came out to the event.

2.)    Music! One of the most entertaining projects I worked on was making a playlist for the event. This was actually a really fun project because I got to search through YouTube for songs about female empowerment.

3.)    Chairs! Events mean lots of people, and lots of people need somewhere to sit. For this project, I scoured the internet looking up price quotes for chairs.

4.)    Media! For our social media, I took the time to read through some of Hillary’s old speeches, looking for quotes to use with our Facebook and Twitter posts.

5.)    Speakers! At the event itself, I will be point person for our speakers, which means I’ve spent today memorizing faces and names.


I’ll be sure and write another post after tomorrow to let y’all know how fantastic the event was!