At GF: A Day in the Life

 My day starts when I enter the third floor office and drop my stuff off at the “intern bar” that I share with a couple other interns working with Bankers without Borders and the financial departments. I make my way to the open-space kitchen to grab some tea or coffee and pass by the open cubicles where members of the various teams are situated. The culture at Grameen is very friendly and flexible—because there are offices all over the world, people are in and out on business and sometimes plugged into their computer skyping with clients or remote teams.  Working remotely is easy (which is great for snow days or other conflicts that come up); my boss actually works remotely from London.

 One of my favorite things about the GF headquarters is the workrooms—they are small rooms with clear glass doors and bright walls with big pictures of our clients from Latin American, Africa, etc. We use these rooms for conference calls or other online meetings. The rooms are also available to reserve if you need a change of scenery, to get out of your office and do work in a fresh space. I enjoy using these rooms because it means I’m skyping or meeting with people from all over the world and sharing ideas about the innovative projects that Grameen backs.

My duties involve supporting the other interns, working on BwB initiatives, and little other tasks that help my boss with her role as Program Manager. Every week I send out professional development information to intern which is fun because I get to go through interesting Forbes articles, watch TEDxTalks, and stay in the know on upcoming Brookings events, for example. I’ve gotten to use a variety of different skills—one week I applied my graphic design skills when I used  marketing/brand design to refresh old toolkits, the next I did basic data analytics about previous interns, and just last week I used my language skills to translate a document into Spanish. Currently, I am helping with the marketing push for our 2014 Fellowship. This involves maneuvering twitter and other social media challenges to find potential industry influencers to attract qualified candidates as well as managing the application process itself. Since starting the Fellowship push I’ve gotten to work with many more people within BwB and across GF’s teams as well. I’m learning a great deal of the Fellowship process itself and the many function within Grameen. Everyday, I’m learning more about Grameen and the work they are doing to improve the lives of people around the world. Can you tell I’m stoked on this job? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about GF or interning in general!