Podcasting from a grocery store

As I take on more responsibilities at PBS MediaShift, I’ve had to improvise a bit. For an internship about the digital revolution of media, the irony that the digital media revolted is inescapable.

For example, I was on vacation when I needed to join the “Mediatwits” podcast. Mark Glaser, my editor, had me sharing screenshots of the stories and websites the team was talking about.

I would have also contributed to the conversation myself, but I ran into some technical issues.

A screen capture of episode 81 of "Mediatwits," featuring Cheezburger's Ben Huh.

A screen capture of episode 81 of “Mediatwits,” featuring Cheezburger’s Ben Huh.

When I couldn’t get enough Internet on vacation, I drove to the local grocery store and logged onto our Google+ hangout from its Internet cafe. But I had to stay on mute the whole time, lest the cash registers, music, bells, and shoppers’ hustle and bustle interrupt the panel discussion with Mark, Ana Marie Cox, Monica Guzman, Andrew Lih (coincidentally, a soon-to-be professor at American University), and the hilarious and brilliant guest, Ben Huh.

Multiple times, I had to sign off and sign back on the podcast due to bad conenction problems, and that was the least of our technical issues. The podcast didn’t get under way until about 15 or 20 minutes after it was supposed to.

In the end, the podcast went on, and the panelists had a great conversation about Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, DOJ’s investigation of Fox, and, of course, cats.

As great as the episode was, my technology issues didn’t end with the end of the taping of the podcast. In post-production, I ran into problems editing the video and converting it into audio, and I had to have Mark jump in and help me get everything done. I did as much as I could and asked for help when I was out of options.

It was not the most productive work session I’ve ever had, but it was certainly a unique perspective. As they say, “The show must go on.”

At an internship, it’s always helpful to have a boss that is flexible and understands when the job simply just can’t get done. But it’s also important to work one’s hardest and attempt to complete the
job given.

Hear’s to hoping I have a better Internet connection when we tape the next episode.