Exciting New Things!

Sorry it’s been a while, guys. As several of my fellow bloggers have mentioned recently, I’ve been juggling a lot.

Yes, it’s meant a lot of long hours of work, little hours of sleep, and days where I truly feel like I can’t think another thought. But it’s also meant that a lot of exciting new things are happening.

The biggest thing that’s been taking a lot of my time and energy is that The Daily Muse is organizing it’s first country-wide meet-up—and I’m in charge of the whole operation! I’ve been excited about the idea of getting our online community offline for a while, so I was thrilled that they trusted me enough to put it in my hands. I’ve also never organized an event in my life (unless you count my epic childhood birthday parties…), so I was both terrified of all the things I didn’t know how to do, and excited to learn them on the job.

Thankfully, my team didn’t just leave me in the dust to figure everything out. I’ve never been afraid to ask for help, and my bosses and team members have always been willing to give it. It may seem like asking for help may make them doubt giving me the job, but I’ve always felt that it shows them that I care about the work I’m doing enough to make absolutely sure I’m doing it right. It’s important to note here that my requests for help are never just a blanket, “I’m lost, help me!” When asking for help at work, it’s important to come with specific questions or challenges, so your managers know you actually thought through it first. (For more tips on asking for help at work, check out this article by one of our seasoned career writers.)

Anyway, I already feel like I’ve learned a ton, and the event is still two weeks away. If you’re interested in networking with some brilliant young-professionals, you should come! Details are here, and I’d love to see you there! (We’ll be doing it in 8 other cities across the U.S., so if you’re a non-D.C. reader we may be in your city too!)


Other exciting things have been happening around the company too, thought most of them not directly related to me:

First, we launched themuse.com, our beautiful first step in consolidating our magazine and our company profiles and becoming the one-stop shop for when you’re thinking about your career.

Second, our founders were named Business Insider’s top 100 coolest people in New York’s tech scene this year!

There’s a lot more exciting things happening behind the scenes, but not all of it’s public knowledge yet. Just know, there are PLENTY of exciting things to come from The Muse.