Tips on Getting Through Midterm Season While Interning

Around midterm season is when you truly start to feel the stress of school and work getting to you. You’ll be sitting in the office (or at home, since I intern from home most of the time) typing away at a project that you were assigned, but half of your thoughts are devoted to that midterm paper you have waiting for you when you’re done with your internship work.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with everything, it’s okay to take a day off. Your boss has been in your shoes before, he/she was a student at some point and they completely understand. They know that schoolwork comes first, because you probably wouldn’t be working for them if they didn’t think you were excelling as a student.

If I know there is something I need to get done for school, I don’t hesitate to let my boss know. She is extremely understanding.

Sidenote: If you procrastinate your schoolwork, then you will be behind on both schoolwork and internship work, so manage your time wisely. Your boss will understand if you have a huge midterm the next morning, but not if this becomes a reoccurring thing.

A few pointers to keeping calm as an intern during midterm season:

1)   Write out everything you need to do, including due dates. This way you know exactly when things are due or tests will take place.

2)   Focus on your internship work when you’re at your internship. Don’t lose track or focus of the work you are supposed be doing during your internship time.

3)   Eat, sleep, stay healthy! I’ve noticed that people seem to get sick around this time, which couldn’t come at the worst time right? If you remember to take care of yourself, you can avoid this! The only way to get anything done is if your defenses are up!

You’re not super human. You need to take a breather sometimes, so don’t be afraid to do so!