Why Interns Blog

Last week was the launch of the USA TODAY Interns brand. Complete with Tumblr (or is it “tumblr”?) and  Twitter accounts, this new initiative was actually started by a fellow AU intern, Chris Jasinski.

So, in essence I’ve had to jump headlong into the Tumbling and Instagramming universe. I’ll be posting there and here regular updates on my internship.

It’s a pretty cool project, actually. Not everybody takes the time to update others about their responsibilities as an intern. I suppose it’s fair to want avoid sounding arrogant. But let’s be honest, interns get to do some pretty amazing things. This week in the intern Tumblr, one USA TODAY intern talked about her experience reporting at the White House. That’s not bragging; it’s sharing your excitement for your work and showing your passion for what you’re doing.

Sure, any intern could spend their summer sitting at home and watching Netflix all day during (which, coincidently, is exactly what I’m doing right now) or getting a part-time job working in retail or dining that will most certainly pay more than most internships do nowadays. Instead, they’re exploring new areas and diving head first into an adventure with sometimes very little guidance.

That’s why blogs like this one and the USA TODAY Interns blog are so important.

But if there’s anything interns love more than celebrating their own successes (and failures), it’s helping other prospective interns have that same experience. That’s why every other blog post from an intern will contain words of advice and comfort. We’re all in this together, because, let’s face it: the whole internship setup can be kind of a drag. After all: paying to do work seems like the opposite of logical in some cases. But more on that later.

Despite the complaints, any intern is probably happy to be there. Otherwise, they’d leave. We’re all having a great time. We may complain about our bosses or whine that we woke up at 6 a.m. But we secretly love it (at least, most of us). We love working in the fields we hope to join when we graduate. We love meeting new people. We love seeing the fruits of our labor. (We also have loved ones who are curious about all we are doing. Because face it, they love us).

We’re bone tired, and we wish we got paid. But it beats class.

This week’s bylines

The Wall Street Journal reported that Orbitz, the online travel booking site, showed Mac users and PC users different results based on their own studies that showed Mac users tend to spend more than PC users, among other variables. I used that story along with a previous blog post by the Orbitz CEO at USA TODAY Travel to report on this interesting phenomenon. Then I got a call from an Orbitz VP. The rest, they say, is history.

Another weekly round-up of this week’s Tech news. It gets easier every time. I think my years at The Eagle have taught me to write succinctly and clearly. Sweet.