Spelling Bee Dropout

Every since I picked up a pencil and paper and started writing in Kindergarten I had the “ability” to misspell words. Words with silent letters like “choreograph” and common words like “certain” have always disappeared from my brain just when I needed them most.

As a intern at a Public Relations firm I knew this would be challenge. I told my boss on one of the first days that I was not the best speller, although I am still not sure if that was the smartest choice. I assumed it would be a weak point, which is it, but I did not realize how simple it was to adjust.

I won’t ever be able to perfectly spell certain words such a “guarantee” and “hierarchy” without spell check as long as the computer is around but I am learning how to make my writing look as if I knew how to spell each and every last word. When creating a media list for a client, for example, I recognized that I would not know how to spell and type perfectly the majority of the journalists names. I made sure to copy and paste all first and last names while double checking where I pasted that information. When I went back to search for email addresses I typed each name and media outlet in Google to confirm the correct spelling again.

As with a lot of roadblocks I will encounter in my career, I will never be a great speller just as much as others will be perfect spellers. I can, however, be a great copy-and-paste-er and precise Google-er. One of the lessons I am learning this summer is not to focus on what I cannot do but rather focus on how I can improve upon my weaknesses.