Back to the 9-to-5

It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up at 6 a.m. on a regular basis.

But rather than taking my summer to take a break, I’ve again taken on an internship.

I’m working three days a week at USA Today’s (absolutely gorgeous) headquarters in McLean, Va. I work in the Tech section, mostly posting short articles about the most recent technology news, publishing copy from the Associated Press wire on our website, and posting our most recent articles on Twitter¬†and Facebook.

In one week, I’ve written all or part of four articles.

  • This one was one of the most-read pieces of the Tech section for a while: People were placing statuses on Facebook claiming they were legal statements protecting their privacy. They were fooled. Big time.
  • Facebook now has a new app called “Airtime” where they can have video chats with each other. But people can have random video chats as well. And Facebook monitors those closely.
  • Following hacks of LinkedIn and eHarmony, was the most recent victim of the leak of an unknown number of passwords.
  • I got a contributing tag for writing the last section of this article on the transit of Venus. Charlie Szold, the primary author, is an assistant online producer for USA Today Tech, my supervisor at USA Today, and a former editor-in-chief of The Eagle. The article was also on the home page of USA Today.
But waking up at 6 a.m. is always tough, it was a pretty exhausting week. It will definitely take some getting used to.
Yet I’m excited for what is to come. USA Today prides itself on giving interns an opportunity to hone their skills and do more than gopher work. After a hard week of training, I’m looking forward to making the most this experience.