Interning in the District


I’m Genesis Keller and I’m going to be a senior in the Film and Media studies program at American University. This summer will be my first summer in DC (originally from the west coast) and I’m really excited about it! During the school year, I work at the Career Center as the Media and Communications assistant and it is awesomeee! I normally read through these blogs at the Career Center and now I’m writing my own for my internship!

It is currently June 11th and this is my first intern blog post ever! My intern journey began about a month ago and now I will update y’all on how great it’s been thus far! I am currently interning for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy as a Campus Media Intern. Actually, more specifically I’m working with their Bedsider campaign, which is a campaign that advocates birth control and safe sex practices.

I’d like to put my film skills to use by helping a cause, which is why I knew when searching for an internship that I wanted to work with a cool campaign or NGO. As a student intern, it’s important to find something that best suits your skills and passions in order to put them to good use!
I’ll tell you a little bit more about what I do as a campus intern. Right now, I’m focusing on trying to spread the word about Bedsider. If you have time check us out at We’re working on bringing this program to AU and my job is to be their social media guru on campus! Tomorrow night at 8 I will be hosting my very first event at The Berkes, where we will be screening MTV’s “Savage U” and after that, I will be facilitating a discussion (stop by if you’re in DC!!). Eeek, I’m nervous, but it’s awesome that they trust me with this!

I will end on that note, but I’m looking forward to writing more about my internship through out the summer and there will definitely be a “post-first intern event” post to come after tomorrow night!