On The Outside Looking In

Turning in my badge was difficult.  For the past three months, it has been my key to a door I’ve been itching to open for years.  Unlike “unsecured” workplaces, I can’t just walk in and say hi whenever I want.  I need to be invited, approved, and escorted.  Now that my internship is over, I’m an outsider.

I know that sounds incredibly dramatic, but I was sad to leave my office.  The people are incredible, both in my office, and the foreign service officers passing through for training.  I made some great connections.  Being at the Foreign Service Institute, I learned a lot about myself and about how I proceed from here.  Although I am excited to catch up on sleep and go back to being a student for a few weeks.

I plan to take the Foreign Service Officer Test this summer.  If I pass, my training would start shortly after graduation next year.  In the mean time, I plan to intern in the private sector and on the Hill so that I can have something to compare my first internship to.  This was an incredible experience, and I loved every minute!