Always Say Thank You

Another piece of advice that I received from an SOC professor that is so simple yet often overlooked is to always say thank you. Remember, during your internship, your bosses and coworkers are taking the time to educate you in an industry you are interested in, and you are gaining a lot of knowledge that others would really appreciate. It is important to show others that you are not taking your lucky opportunity for granted. By showing appreciation, those you work with will appreciate you even more.

Snail mail and handwritten notes have become things of the past, but I still enjoy sending and receiving mail to friends and families. It shows a little extra effort and time was put into sending a message, which is why I always write handwritten thank you notes to those I worked with for the semester. I also make sure to write genuine notes because there is nothing worse than receiving a letter that appears rushed and copy and pasted from previous thank you letters. By pointing out something you really enjoyed about the internship or a piece of knowledge you gained, you’re showing the company that you actually benefited from the position. A genuine and meaningful card can go a long way, for it can leave a lasting impression. Anyone can write a quick email, but people get so many emails these days that they are quickly read and then deleted. You want to make sure your departure from a position is not quickly forgotten like an email in a spam box. You want to be remembered.