Listen and Learn

Sometimes students can forget that internships are meant for learning. People get caught up with opportunities of networking and getting a foot in the door, but internships should be used to learn from the company or organization a student is with. During college, students get the chance to test out professions and see if they like them. That is a luxury, which is why I suggest doing as many internships as possible to get a feel for various companies or areas of a field.

That being said, students should take advantage of this great opportunity to learn by listening up and asking questions! I am a strong believer in sticking to the following advice whenever you are going to your internship:

1. Be positive – no one likes a negative employee who doesn’t appear to be enjoying their time with a company

2. Ask questions – you’re there to learn, so ask questions to increase your knowledge and decrease your chances of making mistakes

3. Talk – you don’t want to be known as the silent intern, so speak up in meetings, discussions in the lunch room, wherever you see an opportunity to make an intelligent comment, etc.

4. Enjoy criticism – instead of looking at it as criticism, you should view any suggestions or corrections by your boss as critiques. From these critiques, you will be able to improve your work!

5. Volunteer – it’s important to take the initiative and see what you can do for anyone in your department. They will be thankful, and you will be remembered.

These are some tips that I follow and find useful in my internship experience. I hope they help others too!