10 Days for Tibet

AU’s Students for Tibet has been celebrating 10 days for Tibet since March 31st.  I’ve been pretty busy with planning for this event, and I apologize for neglecting this blog.  I don’t want to use this space to advertise for 10 Days, but I do want to let you know about Machik’s event on Monday, April 9th from 3-4:30PM in SIS Founder’s Room.  If you really want to learn about Machik, you gotta go to the source.  Losang Rabgey IS Machik.  If you cut her, she would bleed Machik.


All I’m trying to say is that she is pretty passionate about Machik.  And its hard to miss it.  She gives off waves of energy and a trip to her office for a question about Machik’s women’s programs might end up with you promising to single-handedly start a program to provide pads to rural Tibetan girls.  Or at least that happens to me on occasion.

I got to witness her magic yesterday.  Jigme Ugen (a previous president of Tibetan Youth Congress) was on campus for 10 Days for Tibet.  Jigme and BarackLosang asked him to visit Machik, and I escorted him to the office.  He listened to her gush about Machik and its successes for about an hour and a half, and by the end of it he was utterly convinced to help.  Here were two people, working for the same goals but taking different paths and I could help bring them together.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy at having helped create a mutually beneficial relationship.  I count this as one of my greatest days at Machik, and its made all the hard work feel worthwhile.

I hope you can come to Losang’s event on Monday!  Its not to be missed.