Internship Perks

For those who did not know, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube were in Georgetown quite a few days ago! Part of my internship entails working at free screenings that various movie theatres in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas hold. In order to promote movies, it’s essential to get the word of mouth out about the film. Anyway, the three men made an appearance to promote their new film. The movie was hilarious and I highly recommend going to see it (although I am not allowed to disclose the name of the film).

Since I intern at an amazing company, my friends and I were able to get great seats. They let us go in before the line of people filtered in hurring to get their seats. This is one of the perks about being in publicity and promotions.

One of the students that I had promoted the film to ended up showing at the screening with his friends which made me feel like I had been successful in getting people there; it was a nice feeling.