Let the Bureaucracy Begin!

Hello! My name is Emily and this is my first post for the AU Intern Blog.

I’m a junior in SIS and this semester I am geting a sneak peak at the real world. I’m interning at the US Department of State in the Foreign Service Institute, 38 hours a week, and taking classes in the evenings. Having never had an internship before, I was a little unsure of what I had gotten myself into.

I was supposed to attend the State Department Intern Orientation on a Monday, but they emailed us that Sunday night and told us that freezing rain was in the forecast, so Orientation was pushed to Tuesday. Of course, since this is the Federal Government, that messed everything up. Instead of one day of orientation, I had three.

I work at the Foreign Service Campus outside of Arlington, but my Orientation was at the main building downtown. There are four entrances to the main building. We had specific instructions to go to entrence #2. The guard at entrence #2 told the crowd of interns that had gathered to go to entrence #1. When we got to entrence #1, they told us to go to entrence #2. We ended up being held in the loby of entrence #1 until someone from the orientation program came to claim us… at entrence #2. By the time we all got into the building, we were 20 minutes late. Now, I’m a pretty punctual person, so being late for my first day would have normally been very stressful. Surprisingly, the bothersome bureaucracy was very calming. I laughed at the all-too-true stereotype and relaxed.

For information on the State Department Internship Program, click here!