Getting Places

Hi AU Community!

This is my first post for the Intern Blog. I’m currently a Junior in SOC and I’m majoring in Film and Media with a minor in Marketing. I am currently interning at Allied-THA in the Farragut North area. It has been an amazing experience so far. Every one in the office has been supportive, energetic and really nice.

Although I have spent my last three years in the DC area at AU, I have only ever taken the metro. However, this year I learned about taking the Metro Bus to get to where I need to go. Since there have been so many track delays on the red line, I decided to give the metro bus a go. After a couple of times it was comforting to know that DC has great public transportation in comparison to other cities. It’s great to have these options as a college student.

I had to flyer in Georgetown one day for my internship and I was not sure about the best way to get there. Tip: If you take the Circulator from the Dupont metro to Georgetown it is only $1!

Anyway, if you’re ever in a rut don’t be afraid to take the bus from AU to Dupont or from the Tenley Metro to Columbia Heights (which a lot of people surprisingly do not know about).

Until next time,