Calling Out: Sick Days in the Real World

I blogged last semester, but let me reintroduce myself. My name is Brittany Horowitz, and I am a senior studying Public Communication and Marketing. This semester, I am not interning with the same company. For privacy reasons, I will not be stating my exact internship position.

Recently, I became very ill with pneumonia. It was extremely inconvenient to get so sick since I have multiple responsibilities here: classes, my internship, and babysitting jobs. Due to how serious my condition was, I was unable to attend classes for quite some time, and I also had to call out of work. This experience made me reflect on how your personal life can interrupt your professional life.

I felt awful for having to miss a few days of my internship. I hate calling out, and I hate feeling like I am behind on my work assignments. However, my supervisor made me realize an important thing after she told me, “You are human. You can’t help that you’re sick. Rest up.” I exhausted myself with the amount of apologies I gave my supervisor for my absences, but it finally dawned on me that stressing out and driving myself crazy would not help the situation. Everyone gets sick. Things happen. It is how you handle these events after they occur that is vital in your professional world.

It’s so important to contact your supervisor to let him or her know about your absence, do not wait until the last minute to notify the appropriate person, get a doctor’s note if you seek medical attention, and most importantly, rest! The worst thing you can do is push yourself too hard and go back to work too early. You don’t want to make yourself even more ill, and you do not want to get anyone in your office sick. Once you can get back to work, work hard, and make up for lost time. Just remember, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of your work.