Where are you volunteering this summer?

Spring Break is upon us, meaning its time to start planning for the summer.  Summers in college should be spent relaxing while simultaneously building your resume.  This could mean grabbing your dream internship at the Capitol leading tours, or it could mean traveling to an exotic location to gain some experiential learning.

My summer plans include co-leading the Alternative Breaks trip to Dharamsala, India and representing Machik at a meeting with the Tibetan Women’s Association.  I am also in the middle of applying to some paid (!!!!) summer internships for the second half of the summer.  (I love you Machik, but I need more than just green tea from my place of employment.)  If I wasn’t doing these things, I would be doing  Machik’s summer trip to Tibet.  Please see below for more information:

Machik’s Summer Enrichment Program brings Tibetan, Chinese and international volunteers together with young Tibetans from across the Tibetan plateau for cross-cultural learning and skill development through academic and cultural activities. Past class topics have included Tibetan, English, filmmaking, science, and health. The program will take place in Gyalthang (Shangri-La), Yunnan province (PRC) from July 18 – August 18, 2012.  Applications are due March 16, 2012.

I can’t think of anything cooler to be doing over the summer.  I hear about this program all the time at work- the job is basically being a camp counselor for some really cute, bright Tibetan kids.  You get to go TIBET (hello!  Who goes there??) and hang out with volunteers from all over the world.  Please apply.  Because I want to but I can’t!

Also, Happy Midterm week, y’all!!  I will catch you on the other side of Spring Break- I’m leaving for Malaysia Friday!