More Perks to Being an Intern

Before I offer more perks, I have to give credit to my fellow intern,Jennifer Steck, who goes to university in the illustrious state of Nebraska (here’s a map for the geographically challenged), for helping me come up with this list. She brilliantly identified the innate desire within interns for free food. So kudos to her. Now to highlight some more perks of the low-wage to no-wage workforce…

5. You’ll get to know DC so much better

I’m someone who likes to get off campus and explore DC as much as possible, but having an internship takes it to a whole new level. Before my internship, getting out of Tenleytown didn’t happen very often during the week. My jaunts were left mostly to the weekends, which is fine. But if you’re looking to really experience the city you live in, interning is a great way to do it because you will explore a whole new part of the city.

6. You’ll be able to navigate the city a whole lot better

DC can be confusing sometimes


There’s no better way to learn your way around a city than to just go explore it. I’m (sad to say it) fairly awful with directions. Just ask anyone who knows me. But I’ve gotten a lot better at navigating my way around DC, especially downtown near Metro Center, where my internship is. But not just around there. I’ve gone from work to events, happy hours, friends’ houses, Target and as a result, I’ve become much more adept at the bus system and just generally knowing my way around the city and it’s very exciting. So many perks!


7. You do something at least remotely related to your field of study and eventual career path.

As opposed to doing this

You may do something that you find out you don’t really like, but at least then you’ll know that. But you may also do something you’re interested in and really like it and figure out that you’d like to work in that line of work. No matter what, you are going to build up your skills and your work experience.


8. You make new friends and new connections

my friend Jennifer

The people you meet, your fellow interns and the staff, are great resources for future job opportunities. So make a good impression, do great work, and keep in touch afterwards so that they’ll keep you in mind when an opportunity comes along. If nothing else, I have a place to crash in some cool cities where my fellow interns are from.