The End of My Time As an Amnesty International Intern

This week marks my last week as a media relations intern at Amnesty International. I’m sad to leave my internship as I’ve learned so much about media relations and human rights, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

That doesn’t mean I’m leaving Amnesty International forever, though. Of course I will continue to follow the organization’s work and the human rights knowledge I have gained from interning at Amnesty International will stay with me always. Not only that, but the skills I’ve learned at my internship will most definitely be applied to future positions I hold within the communications industry and beyond. I also hope to keep in touch with my fellow intern (we’ll be interning at organizations that are located near each other next semester, so we’re already planning lunch dates!) as well as my supervisors. Contacts and good relations are everything in the professional world, and I definitely want to take advantage of the networking potential that my time at Amnesty International has provided for me.

There will be an intern farewell event at my last day, which should be exciting. Then, it’s all eyes towards next semester, where I will be a press relations intern at the office of the Peace Corps!