Making Connections

As the semester winds down, I am forced to look into my future plans. While I have greatly enjoyed every minute of interning for Riot Act, I will not be able to work with them next semester due to my schedule. Regardless, I will maintain contact with them because of the wonderful team I worked with and because they can help me when I graduate. Even though I have decided I probably would be happiest at a PR Agency, it doesn’t make my connection to Riot Act any less important. I know that if they ever have a lead or a contact, they will let me know. They also worked fairly close with me, and if and when I need a reference, they are the first people I will call. Maintaining connections takes work. I will stay in contact by email, but I also plan on dropping by Riot Act at least once a month: to catch a show, get lunch, or simply say hello. Life moves fast and people come in and out of that building everyday. It is my job as the intern to make the effort, not the other way around. My thank you card was only the beginning of the appreciation I plan on showing the people at Riot Act. Whatever does happen in my future, I want to be able to thank Riot Act for preparing me for what lies ahead. So, thank you Riot Act. It’s been wonderful.