Attending Events in DC Is A Must!

For my internship, I am lucky that I have been given the chance to attend events that are relevant to my position. So far, I have been to four events. They were all very interesting and exciting to attend, but I was amazed at how they related to my coursework at school. I also used one of the events that I attended, which was at the Brookings Institution in one of my presentations for class. These events are a great resource to attend regardless of whether or not you have an internship, which can be found online at DC Linktank. They are generally open to the public and all you need to do is RSVP if needed. I truly encourage everyone to go to one event off campus because we do have a lot at AU, but we are in DC and we should take advantage of our location. Going to events exposes you to a variety of global issues and different speakers, it’s something that anyone being a student and living in DC should do at least once! It’s also a really good place to meet and network with other interns and people who attend these events. By making the most out of your opportunities and resources you have available, you will gain a lot in return while interning. For me I think going to events in the city is one way to do so.  I have had special access to some private events through my internship (which I am so thankful for), but I also make time to attend public events at think tanks in downtown DC and it’s so worth the time.  I have learned so much by attending these events that I now know how to write memos about them, I am even more up to date with current events, and I hear both sides to the story on several topics. I am really glad that I have been to some this semester-it’s been a really wonderful experience and fun aspect of my internship.