Social Media

Riot Act has utilized social media of all forms, besides being a presence on Facebook and Twitter, they have created deals on Groupon and Living Social (and other website based deals). It has been a huge success. Thousand upon thousands of these deals have sold and phones have been ringing of the hook.

This is a great way for Riot Act to get know. The goal is to get people here, and once they see a show, or drink at our bar, they won’t need more incentive to return. Lure in with good marketing, but make sure the product is worth the price.

As an intern I have been helping funneling the plethora of phone calls that have been coming in recently. It is hard to remember “The Customer is Always Right”when answering the same question over and over again, but it is extremely important to not only be nice but inviting. Riot Act wants to be known for great customer service; friendly, patient, helpful. Part of this training is knowing the area. Know where to park, know directions to the club, know good places to eat before the show, and good bars to go to after the show. If Riot Act can become a one stop destination, it makes the night easier on our patrons and they can enjoy themselves.

Riot Act is serve with a smile, mixed in with helpful advice and endearing tips.