Choosing an Internship: It’s Good to be Picky (Sometimes)

Nowadays, people are just happy if they can find a paying position, so being picky is not a luxury they can afford, which is completely understandable. However, I believe it is important to be picky when it comes to a certain aspect of a potential employer: image.

How a company or organization represents themselves is important because once you become their employee your image suddenly shifts, and part of you becomes identified with the company, which is huge! You don’t want to be connected with an organization that conducts business that you disagree with or takes on clients you are not comfortable with. Also, it is important to choose an employer that focuses on professionalism and equality. It’s vital for a person on a job hunt to really know who they are applying to work for. Focusing on the small details is really important because when those little details are pieced together they translate the big picture of the company. How is their website? Is it professional, or does it look neglected? What is the office like? Is it clean and organized, or is it repulsive? How are the email exchanges? Are they professional, or are there spelling errors and typos? These might seem like meaningless factors, but they are actually important. They all reveal whether or not the employer is organized, a good time manager, concerned with their employee’s work environment and professional. I once interviewed with a really prestigious company that represents huge clients across the country, but their office in DC was messy, dirty, and extremely uninviting. I was actually offered the position, and the interviewer emailed this offer via email, “Brittany, you got the internship if you want it. Let me know.” I was shocked. I thought, “Is this what they believe is a professional offer?” I turned it down.

It isn’t necessary to be picky about every last detail of an internship or job position, but it is important to take the image of the company you are contemplating to work for into consideration. Once you are hired, their image becomes your image. You want to be proud of who you work for, so choose wisely. Check out C.Fox’s website, and you will quickly see a great representation of what this company has to offer.