Get by with a little help…

I think some of the most rewarding encounters at my internship have been with co-workers that have offered their own advice as to how I can perform better, or how I can even be successful in my current and future careers. I have had the pleasure of working in a smaller department which has its great advantages of taking on my own tasks, but also asking for help when I need it, and seeking the guidance and advice from more senior members of my team.

I am lucky to share my experience with a current professor of mine and he urged me to get to know a few members of the video team personally. I now certainly understand why he suggested this. He worked closely with the two members that I now feel very comfortable asking for help or even asking for their own opinions on work and career tips.

On a slower day, I got to work closely with one of these colleagues and she gave me my own work to do and constantly checked on me to make sure I was always amused. She also was willing to ask how I felt about the current position, asked about my background, and where I wanted to go from here. We chatted about her beginnings with a photo background and how appreciation of images and composition can really be an advantage in our field, as well as how to really make a difference in this fast paced world we work in. We discussed how often it is difficult to make our voice heard in a male dominated office, and at some times we are inclined to take the easy route to fix our problems. She urged me to truly understand all facets to the issues that come my way as well as how to solve each issue at every level, so that way I can attack the problem head on, not just take the easy way out or the short cut. Because sometimes your boss will not want you to take that way out, or perhaps that shortcut will not always exist! I completely agree with this idea because sometimes, when we want our work finished quickly, it tends to not reflect how we truly are as hard workers…but in a time crunch we just want it done quick. But in the end, we need to take a step back, and not sweat the small stuff. Take a moment to understand each step your work involves and truly understand it. Take some notes so that way you can replicate your work for the next time, or so you can teach a co-worker if they are stressed!

I never really thought about how I approached my work until Renne broke it down like that for me. I really do appreciate it now and appreciate how difficult some of my own tasks can be!

To watch the video that Renne gave me a few pointers on, an interview with singer Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, please feel free to click here!