Like What You Do, Do What You Like

A wise SOC professor once told me, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Isn’t that everyone’s goal? Some people might snicker when they hear that quote because they believe such a dream is merely that: an idea that can only be dreamt of and not actually attained. News flash! It can happen, and it is currently
happening to me.

A scary component of going to college is choosing what you are going to study for the next four years. What is even scarier is eventually finding out if you actually enjoy having a job in the field you chose to study. It could be fun and interesting to learn about public relations, but what about the actual implementation? That is where internships come into play. A previous employer once told me that internships are for figuring out what you like, but they are also for figuring out what you don’t like. This is the time for exploration, so explore! And, so, I did. Through my internships, I have realized what I do and do not want in a job. Thankfully, I have come to the conclusion that public relations is a field that I not only enjoy learning about but also an area that I enjoy practicing. Phew! That’s a relief.

Another important component of the “real world” work arena that I have learned about through interning is the importance of enjoying your work environment. In college, you spend a couple hours in each class, and during those boring courses you might have regretted taking you actually get to leave the classroom and move on, luckily. In the office, you’re most likely there for long shifts, and you can’t leave, unfortunately. Do you mind a long commute? Do you prefer a smaller office? Is it okay that you work from home, or do you prefer interacting with your coworkers? So, choose wisely – these are components that should be thought about too when choosing an internship or job.

I will close up this post with some images of my lovely office environment that I enjoy very much. My employers really care about the happiness of their employees, so when there is an issue there is always a solution. I recently moved offices with my office mate to a better location within our company space in order to be more included with the other employees in my company. We used to be in a really nice back office, but our office was really secluded from the other employers. So, we now feel less secluded, and we are more able to be incorporated with fellow staff. I have my own desk and laptop, which is lovely because it’s nice to have my own space and feel included rather than be treated like “the semester intern” who will just be moving out in mere months. There is a sense of unity within our office, and it creates great team morale. All in all, this semester, I am doing what I love, and I love what I do! How lucky am I?